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June 22nd, 1994


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Apr 29th, 2011



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Yasmine (also known as Yammy or Miss Yammy), is a British gamer who mainly uploads to her gaming channel yammy xox, she usually plays games such as Minecraft, roblox, and the Sims, but will play other random games from time to time.

Yammy has appeared in various videos with Stacy, and is known for winning the first season of UHShe.

Collabs with Stacy Edit

Yammy's Skin

Yammy's Skin

UHShe Edit

Main Article: UHShe

UHShe is an all female Ultra Hardcore series created by StacyPlays that premiered on June 28th, 2015.This is the first series to feature both Yammy and Stacy

Throughout the series, Yammy had a consistent playthrough, managing to avoid any PVP fights, until the very end where she battled (and won) against Shubble, making her the Series 1 winner.

Yammy was teamed with LDShadowLady in the Halloween themed second season, the two didn't have a great game, with Yammy being killed by a Witch and finishing in 17th place (Team Rank 9th).

Yammy also participated in seasons three and four of Uhshe.

Hide 'N' Seek Edit

Minions hide n seek

Yammy, with Lizzie, Stacy and Aphmau

Yammy joined Stacy, Lizzie and Aphmau in a mini game where you had to hide from the seeker (who was a Minion from the film Despicable Me), the seeker was much faster and could turn the hiders into seekers once caught.

If the hiders weren't caught in the given time, they would win.

Lucky Blocks Walls War Edit

Another mini game to feature Yammy was 'Lucky Blocks Walls War', also featuring Lizzie, Stacy and Joey. The players were given a stack of lucky blocks which could either be useful for the player, or harmful. The last surviving player wins.

UHShe Stats Edit

Elimination History Edit

Season Team Status Episode(s) Individual Kill(s) Team Kill(s) Individual Rank Team Rank
S.1 - Winner 8 1 - 1st -
S.2 YammaLlama DingDong Killed by a Witch using magic 7 0 0 17th 9th
S.3 - Suffocated in a wall (Border) 4 0 - 5th -
S.4 - Slain by BeaTheCraftian 3 0 - 15th -

Yammy's channels Edit


Miss Yammy's profile picture

Yammy has two Youtube channels, the first being her gaming channel yammy xox which is her most popular with over 800,000 subscribers. She primarily plays Minecraft, roblox, and the Sims, but will play other games.

Her second channel, Miss Yammy has over 45,000 subscribers and is more centered around blogging and Fashion Hauls.

References Edit

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