Wink's Big Adventure
Dogcraft ep13
Episode 13
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May 21, 2014



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"Wink's Big Adventure" is the thirteenth episode of Dogcraft and was uploaded May 21st, 2014.

Overview Edit

Stacy begins the episode by feeding Pongo and Perdita to breed puppy number 2 called 'Enzo'. As Stacy leaves her house with Wink, she talks about how she'd love to sometime create a dock near the Cemetary, Stacy gears up and makes the river pathway larger to travel through.

Stacy and Wink then briefly go caving for Iron, it then turns night and the two get lost in the woods. After more aimlessly walking, Stacy finds Wink not following her and later comes across a very unusual village which had merged in with a large hill, Stacy spent the night there.

Stacy wink find

Stacy finding Wink

While heading back and looking for Wink, Stacy travelled through a newly discovered Snow biome, while in a different biome Stacy found the village she originally hoped to find. Not having anything else to do, Stacy made her way back home. Stacy couldn't find Wink back at home and came close to believing he was missing, until she spotted him right next to the Pet Cemetary.

The episode ended with Stacy venting her frustration at Wink for not accompanying her in the Village and therefore not giving her any good items.

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