So Stacy just collabed with 'What's Inside', and I believe this was possibly the best decision for Stacy (ever?), in terms of geting more noticed, and gaining more subs. Whats inside have grown rapidly this past year, with their video from four weeks ago reaching 46 million views! I believe this Diamond Ore video will reach over at least 10 million views soon. This is the best thing for Stacy because these new subscribers wont enjoy having to catch up with 200+ eps of Dogcraft, or 60+ eps of Candy Isle, so they may currently have just Mineclash


and it would be enjoyed by new and old fans of Stacy's, basically this was a great move for Stacy, she's literally gained around 9 thousand views from just today!

Another promotional factor was that Stacy apeared as an 'Honourable Mention' in Watchmojo's Top 10 Female gamers, the channel has over 10 million subscribers so this is another good promotion for Stacy, theres quite a bit of negative though, people are mocking her weight which is unecessary, Stacy's replying to some of them making me feel even more bad for her.

Any thoughts?? :)

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