This is just a blog just to follow up on an extremely unexpected suprise i had just now from Stacy's recent post on Instagram. As a way of saying thankyou, Stacy stuck all of her fanmail which came from her LA PO Box, when playing back i noticed she featured fan art from me O_O 

Bit of background info, i sent a watercolour painting to Stacy, which had loads of my favorite quotes and mini paintings, it was sent in 2013 and until today i had NO IDEA SHE RECIEVED IT. The fact that she's still got the painting makes me love her as a person so much more, i'd say she's among the most deserving gamers out there for a million subscribers, and i'm just so happy to have watched her from the Crafting dead days! Sorry if i'm over exited, i just reckoned this picture was long lost in the mail or something :)

Stacy watercolour 1
Stacy watercolour 2
Stacyplays fan art 1
Stacyplays fan art 3

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