Each of the Dogcraft episodes are getting their own episode page, which is great because it was something that began when i first started editing on the wiki. But ive noticed with the majority of the episode pages, that they feature the thumbnail, and a longer way of tellling you it's episode number and it's upload date, so theirs basically no need for the page when all of these facts are on the episode list

I personally believe that instead of creating new episode pages, we should focusss that time on supplying a decent amount of info on the episode pages we've already created (which represents nearly half of the Wiki's page total) e.g. "This episode marks the beginning of..." "This episode marks the first appearance of..." "This episode is known for...", stuff like that! Along with a short overview which i'd gladly expand upon.

Otherwise the wiki will get an even larger number total, just from pages with two lines on them (and an info box). 

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