Since I did one last season, I thought i'd do one again for this upcoming series.

Alright guys, since it's highly possible we may be getting a third season of UHShe soon, I was just wondering what you guys want to happen next season. For instance, any Youtubers in particular who you'd like to see in the competition?

While you hopefully post your own hopes for the new season, I'll state my long opinions below:


I'm hoping, and it's very likely, that this Season of UHShe will be of a Christmas or Winter theme. I'd also prefer it to be an individual season without teams, but that I don't have too strong an opinion on.

New Participants

Once again, I'd love to see Sqaishey and Aphmau participate. While Aphmau isn't known for UHCs, shes friends with many of the participants and I think it's likely she'll join at some point. Sqaishey as well, and she's actually been doing some UHCs lately which I think makes it even more likely that she'll join.

Other Youtubers who I would welcome into the series is Vixella, Mitty, Eleanora, and Vengelfe, as I said during the previous season Wishlist.

However, another thing I want this season, which I'm sure well get, is small Youtubers. Every season I get introduced to new Youtubers and the reason I love UHShe so much is the community aspect of it and it can expose viewers to new channels. I myself, first watching UHshe Season 1, only recognized Aureylian and AshleyMariee, aside from the ones who'd been on Stacy's channel before.

I had also hoped that DulJuice would participate, but she's actually said that she probably won't ever as she hasn't much interest in gaming anymore.

Returning Participants

As with the previois season, I said i'd love if everyone who had participated could return again, and then I thought it was unlikely. I was very pleased when, in fact, everyone from Season 1 had returned to Season 2. This Season, however, I think it's even more unlikely, not only due to the fact that Season 2 had more participants. Yammy, in particular, seemed to be surprised by how little views her perspective of UHShe Season 2 was getting. I think that it's to be expected, since with teams many people would want to watch just one of the teammate's perspective, and Lizzie did have much more subscribers. I just hope Yammy doesn't chose to not participate because she thinks her viewers don't like the series that much.

Anyway, that's what I hope Season 3 of UHShe will bring to us. Feel free to write your own little wishlist about the next season below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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