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UHShe (Season 7)
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May 6, 2017


May 20, 2017

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The seventh season of UHShealso known as UHShe Wild West '17, premiered on May 6th, 2017.

This season introduced 2 newcomers and 11 veterans, lowering the roster to 13 participants from last season.


Season 7 of UHShe was hosted and organized by StacyPlays and BasicallyBea. The intro was made by FinsGraphics, and the intro song is Epic Spaghetti Western licensed from Audio Jungle.

Each players starts off with five pieces of Steak, two boats, as well as one saddle. The series follows the 2-day format, new episodes releasing every other day, starting on the premiere. Episodes continues to be 16 minutes long (20min last ep), not differing from any previous seasons. 

  • Episodes

Main article: List of UHShe (Season 7) episodes

Not to be mistaken by Episode Participation

Series # Episode # Posted Date
49 1 May 6, 2017
50 2 May 8, 2017
51 3 May 10, 2017
52 4 May 12, 2017
53 5 May 14, 2017
54 6 May 16, 2017
55 7 May 18, 2017
56 8 May 20, 2017
Special After Call May 20, 2017


For more information regarding the actual players, click here: List of UHShe participants.


Participant Status Episode(s) Ranking
Shubble Blown up by Creeper 3 13th
cybernova Slain by SalemsLady 6 12th
MousieMouse Slain by SalemsLady 7 11th
BBPaws Slain by SalemsLady 7 10th
SalemsLady Slain by Phoenixgg2 7 9th
stacyplays Slain by Phoenixgg2 8 8th
Phoenixgg2 Blown up by Creeper - Indirectly caused by BasicallyBea 8 7th
BasicallyBea Slain by Marielitai 8 6th
Marielitai Slain by Seriiiously 8 5th
Seriiiously Suffocated in a wall 8 4th
Kaleidow Slain by Banoffee2013 8 3rd
banoffee2013 Slain by Cheridet 9 2nd
Cheridet Winner 9 1st

Kills TableEdit

List only the players that have killed another participant in UHShe:  

Participant Kills
SalemsLady 3
Phoenixgg2 2
Marielitai 1
Seriiiously 1
Banoffee2013 1
Cheridet 1


  • As per usual, every previous UHShe participant was invited back, but many couldn't make it. [1]
    • Bee was intending to partake, but she had overslept and missed the recording. [2]
    • Netty was not available to record. [3]
    • MK was in the process of moving when the season was filmed. [4]
    • AshleyMariee was unable to attend this season as she was in South Korea for the year.
    • Meghan was in the middle of traveling while the season was filmed. [5]
    • RealSquig had exams and could not make the recording. [6]
  • Nathan of the Walshaert's Build Team built the spawn, as mentioned in the descriptions. 
  • With MK's absence, Mousie and Stacy (Organiser) are now the only participants to have played in every season thus far. 
  • This is the first season where Stacy has used a full texture pack.
  • This season and the first were the only seasons without a holiday theme. 
  • Mumble was going to be in this season, but due to difficulties to get it working, it was removed. [7]
  • Shubble was the first to take damage, which she took through suffocation.
  • Mariel was the last person to take damage. 
  • Bea is the first person in UHShe history to enter the Nether. 
  • Seriiiously and Cheridet got their first kills this season.
    • Both of this season's newcomers (Phoenix and Mariel) got their first kills.
  • Seriiiously was unfairly suffocated in The Border. This is the first kill of The Border since Season 3.
  • Horses have been glitchy for some players this season.
  • Kaleidow was stuck by the border while fighting Banoffee2013.
    • Banoffee2013 was also stuck by the border while fighting Cheridet.
  • Cheridet is the second two-time winner of UHShe, the first being RealSquig.
    • Coincidentally, both of them previously won on their first season, and won due to their teammate being the last surviving player. Both also had zero kills on their first season.
  • .The seventh episode of this season marks Stacy's 50th episode in the entire series. 
  • This was Hannah's last season, as she cut Minecraft to her channel right before season 8. 
  • Shubble is the only participant to not use the official logo in her thumbnails.  


Intro SequenceEdit



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