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UHShe (Season 5)
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October 16, 2016


October 30, 2016

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The fifth season of UHShe, also known as Boo!HShe, consists of eight episodes; it premiered on October 16th, 2016 and concluded on October 30th, 2016.

The season introduced 4 newcomers, and 12 veterans, raising the roster to sixteen. 


Season Five of UHShe was hosted and organized by both Stacy and Bea, with help from iVexusHD. The intro was made by EnderFarts, and the intro song is Spooky Ride by Twin Musicom [1] from the Youtube Audio Library. 

Each player starts off with five pieces of Pumpkin Pie and a boat. Like the second season, Golden Apples (renamed as Golden Caramel Apple) can only be crafted by a (caramel) apple surrounded by gold ingots. The series follows the 2-day format, new episodes releasing every other day, starting on the premiere. Episodes continues to be 16 minutes long, like the previous season. 


Main article: List of UHShe (Season 5) episodes.

Not to be mistaken by Episode Participation.

Series # Episode # Posted Date
32 1 October 16, 2016
33 2 October 18, 2016
34 3 October 20, 2016
35 4 October 22, 2016
36 5 October 24, 2016
37 6 October 26, 2016
38 7 October 28, 2016
39 8 October 30, 2016
Special After Call October 31, 2016


For more information regarding the actual players, click here: List of UHShe participants.


Bold indicates a newcomer; other contestants are considered veterans.

Team One
Disney Villains
Party In The USA
Harley Quinn & Joker
Team Five
Team Seven
Team Eight


Participants Team Status Episode(s) Individual Ranking Team Ranking
Tried to swim in lava 4 16th 7th
Party In The USA
Fell from a high place - Indirectly caused by Creeper 6 15th 8th
Party In The USA
Blown up by Creeper 6 14th 8th
Netty Plays
Fell from a high place - Indirectly caused by Seriiiously - Team Five 7 13th 7th
Team Five
Slain by BeaTheCraftian - Disney Villains 7 12th 6th
Team Five
Slain by BeaTheCraftian - Disney Villains 7 11th 6th
Harley Quinn & Joker
Shot by BeaTheCraftian - Disney Villains 8 10th 5th
Harley Quinn & Joker
Slain by BeaTheCraftian - Disney Villains 8 9th 5th
Team Seven
Slain by RealSquigGames - Team One 8 8th 4th
Team Seven
Slain by RealSquigGames - Team One 8 7th 4th
Disney Villains
Slain By RealSquigGames - Team One 8 6th 3rd
Disney Villains
Slain by stacyplays - Team One 8 5th 3rd
Team One
Slain by MKtheWorst - Team Eight 8 4th 2nd
Team Eight
Slain by RealSquigGames - Team One - Winner 8 3rd 1st
Team One
Slain by MKtheWorst - Team Eight 8 2nd 2nd
Team Eight
Winner 8 1st 1st

Kills TableEdit

List only the players that have killed another participant in UHShe:

Individual   Edit

Participant Kills
BeaTheCraftian 4
RealSquigGames 4
stacyplays 1
MKtheWorst 2

Teams Edit

Team Kills
Disney Villains
Team One
Team Eight


  • At the end of the previous season, Yammy hinted that she might not return for futures. 
  • One date that A fan asked Yammy when UHShe would return and she claim that the season would be filmed between August 12-14 with no set premiere date. She also included that she would not partake as she will be attending Summer in the City, an annual YouTube event dedicated to content creators.
    Uhshe season 5

    Possible Filming Dates

    • However, Bea later responded to the tweet, saying that the date had not been finalized.[2]
  • This season features the longest break between a previous season to date,  with 193 days between the end of the previous season and the start of this season. 
  • In a Speed UHC video on both Bea's and Kim's channels, Kim was confirmed as a new member.
    • Kim mentioned the possibility of the season formatted in team and are training for the upcoming season. The pair are currently the only ones confirmed to be participating, besides Stacy, who hosts the series.[3][4]
  • On a QnA video on Ashley's channel, a viewer asked her if she would be competing in the Halloween UHshe, to which she responded, "Maybe, maybe. I'll guess you'll have to find out." This hinted the theme of the season.[5]
  • Season Five of UHShe is the second halloween themed UHShe. 
  • Although Aureylian quit YouTube, she uploads her UHshe Seasons on Twitch. [6]
  • The season was likely filmed on October 8th, 2016. 
  • MKtheWorst accidentally leaked this season a day early. She soon privated the video.
  • Banoffee was a last-minute recruit, and joined after Piper was having internet problems.[7]
  • Salem and Netty are the only team to have already been in a team together in a previous season.
  • This season was uploaded at 12 PST, an hour earlier than the previous seasons episode releases. 
  • cybernova was the first to take damage.
  • As of this season, Stacy, Mousie, and MK are the only girls who have participated in every season of UHshe.
  • This season was the first season where Shubble, Bee, and Yammy did not compete.
  • As per usual, many participants were unable to make the recording of this season and did not appear in the season.
    • Confirmed by Bea, Meghan and Cupquake were both out of town during the filming dates. [8]
    • Amy Lee was in America on all possible filming dates.
    • In a tweet, Lizzie said that she would rather watch epic battles than die in them. This possibly means that she has retired from UHCs.[9] She made her return to the series in the eight season.
    • Yammy responded to a comment saying that the season was filmed on a Saturday, when she takes a day off from Youtube. [10]
    • Kaleidow responded to a tweet, and said that the filming time was not ideal for her timezone and she couldn't make the recording. [11]
  • Stacy and Squig have been able to enchant earlier than anyone in UHshe history, having the necessary ingredients to craft an Enchantment Table by the end of the first episode, giving them a UHShe record.
    • This season was also Stacy's first time enchanting in UHShe.
    • This season also marks Stacy's first official kill in any UHC. 
  • Stacy and Squig were the last team to take damage.
    • However, Squig was the last solo player to take damage.
  • This is the second consecutive season where BeaTheCraftian was the first person to kill another player.
  • This season contains the most deaths in a single episode, having 9 people die in the season finale. 
  • This is the first season where the aftercall wasn't uploaded on the same day as the last episode.


Intro Sequence Edit

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INTRO UHShe Season 5 (Boo!HShe)-0

INTRO UHShe Season 5 (Boo!HShe)-0


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