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UHShe (Season 3)
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December 20, 2015


December 30, 2015

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The third season of UHShe, also known as UHShe Holiday Season, consists of six episodes; it premiered on December 20th, 2015 and concluded on December 30th, 2015.

The season introduced one newcomer and eleven returning veterans, lowering the roster to twelve participants. 


StacyPlays organized the season once again. The server is hosted by LearningMonkey.

Similarly to the first season, the participants get to choose a kit to start off with. Golden Apples (renamed as Peppermint Apple) can only be crafted by a (Peppermint) apple surrounded by gold ingots. The series follows the 2-day format, new episodes releasing every other day, starting on the premiere. Episodes continue to be sixteen minutes long, like the previous season.


  • Rudolph Kit: Wolf Spawn Egg, Name Tag, Very Damaged Anvil.
  • Santa Kit: 3 Obsidian Blocks, 2 Diamonds, A Book.
  • Snowman Kit: 16 Snowballs, A Bow, 32 Carrots.
  • Candy Cane Kit: Golden Apple, Iron Sword, 1 TNT Block


Main article: List of UHShe (Season 3) episodes
Not to be mistaken by Episode Participation.
Series # Episode # Posted Date
20 1 December 20, 2015
21 2 December 22, 2015
22 3 December 24, 2015
23 4 December 26, 2015
24 5 December 28, 2015
25 December 30, 2015
Special After Call December 30, 2015

Participants Edit

For more information regarding the actual players, click here: List of UHShe participants.


Main Article: UHShe Deaths

Participant Status Episode(s) Ranking
LDShadowLady Tried to swim in lava 1 12th
stacyplays Suffocated in a wall (Border) 4 11th
MKTheWorst Suffocated in a wall (Border) 4 10th
Netty Plays Suffocated in a wall (Border) 4 9th
MousieMouse Suffocated in a wall (Border) 4 8th
Shubble Suffocated in a wall (Border) 4 7th
Kaleidow Suffocated in a wall (Border) 4 6th
yammy xox Suffocated in a wall (Border) 4 5th
Aureylian Shot by Pip3rGames 5 4th
Pip3rGames Doomed to fall by HeyImBee 6 3rd
Strawburry17Plays Slain by HeyImBee 6 2nd
HeyImBee Winner 6 1st

Kills TableEdit

List only the players that have killed another participant in UHShe:  

Participant Kills
HeyImBee 2
Pip3rGames 1


Stacy Meghan

Meghan completely unaware of Stacy being in front of her (top), plus Stacy's perspective (bottom)

  • Kaleidow hinted in a Youtube comment that there would be a Season 3.
  • This season currently holds the fastest death. (Lizzie's in Episode 1 when falling in lava.)
  • In Bee's third episode, she said that Mumble was originally planned on being used. 
  • Prior to the release of this season, some Participants had been seen using the same resource pack for Golden Apples, leading some fans to predict another season. 
  • Bee stated in her second episode that this season was originally going to include the mumble plugin.
  • During the Season 2 After Call, Stacy hinted that UHShe may be back soon. [1]
  • The Snow Golem textures were provided by Kaleidow.
  • Many participants were dressed in custom Christmas-themed skins. 
  • Meghan joined at the last minute. [2]
  • The season was supposed to include more participants, but many couldn't make it.
    • iHasCupquake and AshleyMariee were said to have been busy.
    • As said in Bee's episode 2, AshleyMariee had internet problems during filming.[3]
    • According to Hannah, she was in Argentina when the Season was being filmed. [4]
    • Squig was sick during filming and had exams during the week. [5][6]
    • AmyLee was also unable to make the recording. [7]
    • According to Stacy, every previous participant was invited back. [8]
  • Along with the Peppermint Apple, many participants also have a retextured torch, resembling a candle.
  • Yammy's death from the border was more unique from the previous ones as her death included her sailing on a boat but was glitched to the point where she is stuck then killed. 
  • Shubble was the last participant to take damage.
  • Strawburry17 was the first participant to take damage.
    • Although, NettyPlays took damage less than a minute after Strawburry17.
  • In the beginning of the season, an odd Twitter account spawned, named @UHSheBorder. Although inactive at first, the account started to become more known as it single-handedly predicted a majority of the participants death, mocking the deaths greatly. However, in the after game call of this season, it was revealed that Stacy was behind the account and wanted to create it for fun.
    • A spark of controversy over the unfairness deaths more than half of the roster received was not taken well. LDShadowLady was the first to become victim but her death was a fair death as she fell in the lava.
    • Most importantly Yammy, who received no warnings whatsoever while she sailed above the ocean. No visible warnings, Yammy died due to the border, which caused an uproar from the fans to bring back Yammy (despite being pre-recorded). Prior to her death, a majority of the roster is killed by the roster, causing a disorder.
    • Many of the participants, including Stacy complained at how fast the border's pace continued.[9]
  • This season and the eighth season currently holds the largest death by PVE (Player vs. Environment), with 8 kills.
    • Not counting the winner, this season had 8 PVE deaths to 3 PVP deaths, with over 72% of the cast dying to the environment than a player. In contrast to the eighth season, this season had more environment-based casualties. 


Intro Sequence Edit


UHShe Season 3 Intro (HD)-0

UHShe Season 3 Intro (HD)-0


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