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UHShe (Season 2)
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October 11, 2015


October 31, 2015

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The second season of UHShe, also known as Boo!HShe, consists of of eleven episodes; it premiered on October 11th, 2015 and concluded on October 31st, 2015. 

The season introduced six newcomers and eleven returning veterans, raising the roster to seventeen participants.


StacyPlays organized the season once again. The server is hosted by LearningMonkey.

Unlike the first season, this season does not give the participants a wolf egg spawn and cake. Golden Apples (renamed as Golden Caramel Apple) can only be crafted by a (caramel) apple surrounded by gold ingots. The series follows the 2-day format, new episodes releasing every other day, starting on the premiere. Episodes continues to be 16 minutes long, like the previous season.  


Main article: List of UHShe (Season 2) episodes
Not to be mistaken by Episode Participation.
Series # Episode # Posted Date
9 1 October 11, 2015
10 2 October 13, 2015
11 3 October 15, 2015
12 4 October 17, 2015
13 5 October 19, 2015
14 6 October 21, 2015
15 7 October 23, 2015
16 8 October 25, 2015
17 9 October 27, 2015
18 10 October 29, 2015
19 11 October 31, 2015
Special After Call October 31, 2015


For more information regarding the actual players, click here: List of UHShe participants.


Bold indicates a newcomer; other contestants are considered veterans.

Yammallama DingDong



Kinda Confident


Main Article: UHShe Deaths

Participant Team Status Episode(s) Ranking Team Ranking
yammy xox
Yammallama DingDong
Killed by a Witch using magic 7 17th 9th
Yammallama DingDong
Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming - Applesauce 7 16th 9th
Slain by Aureylian - Applesauce 8 15th 8th
Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming - Applesauce 8 14th 8th
Netty Plays
Shot by HeyImBee - Aussie 8 13th 7th
Shot by Kaleidow - Aussie 8 12th 7th
Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming - Applesauce 9 11th 6th
Slain by AshleyMarieeGaming - Applesauce 9 10th 6th
Shot by HeyImBee - Aussie 9 9th 5th
Shot by Kaleidow - Aussie 9 8th 5th
Kinda Confident
Shot by HeyImBee - Aussie 9 7th 4th
Kinda Confident
Shot by HeyImBee - Aussie 10 6th 4th
Shot by Kaleidow - Aussie
11 5th 1st
Burned to death -Burnt to a crisp whilst fighting Pip3r Games - Dino 11 4th 3rd
Slain by Pip3r Games - Dino 11 3rd 3rd
Slain by Pip3r Games - Dino 11 2nd 2nd
Casper The Cat
Burnt to a crisp whilst fighting Pip3r Games - Dino 11 - 2nd
Pip3r Games
Winners 11 1st 1st

Kills TableEdit

List only the players that have killed another participant in UHShe:  


Participant Kills
Witch (PvE) 1
AshleyMarieeGaming 4
Aureylian 1
HeyImBee 4
Kaleidow 3
Pip3r Games 3


Team Kills


  • Pip3r Games was the first to take damage.
    • In the second episode, Team Dino joked about Pip3r winning, saying it would be funny if the first person to take damage won the game. 
  • Netty accidentally leaked the first episode on October 09, 2015. A handful of viewers saw the episode before it became private. [1]
  • Mousie and Bee hinted the premiere on October 11, 2015 when they tweeted out that a new series will premiere on tomorrow (October 12, 2015).[2][3]
  • This season is Halloween themed as many competitors wore costume on their Minecraft skin as well as the season being dubbed as "Boo!HShe". The participants were required to use a texture/resource pack that replaces item such as apples to caramel apples, torches as candy corn, etc.
    • The name of the resource pack where these textures were taken from is called Sugarpack
  • AmyLee requested to not team with anybody, so to make it fair she instead was given a cat as a teammate.
    • Casper is the first player to be an animal.
    • He is also the first male to compete.
  • On a few thumbnails, the UHShe logo is the same the the Golden Apple, but it resembles a pumpkin, referencing the season to be Halloween themed.
    • There is another logo that contains a blue Golden Apple in Cybernova's channel. 
  • The intro sequence is similar to the first season, but uses a darker colors that correlates with the season.
    • Also, the intro has a film effect that resembles black and white movies.
  • MK and Aureylian are the only participants without custom Halloween skins.
  • Team Boogie is a reference to the previous season, when Mousie built her Disco House, which became the battle ground of the season.
    • Team Boogie was also used in another series, Outlive, where a handful of YouTubers play and try to out-live the remaining players, while gaining points, one point per minute a person lives. However, unlike Outlive, Mousie is teamed with MK, rather than Netty.
  • MK accidentally uploaded her first episode of the first season, so her first episode was uploaded two days late.
  • At the time, Pip3r and Squig are the only participants who aren't adults yet, making them the youngest participants and team to compete in UHShe.
    • Stacy met both players at Minecon 2015, when they appeared in a vlog. [4]
  • There are at least eight variation of the intro sequence.
    • The original song (Stacy's intro) are used by Stacy, Squig, Piper, Cupquake, Hannah, Mousie, Shubble, and Netty.
      • However, Netty didn't used the intro in their first episode, but in the later episodes; and Hannah used different intro music in later episodes. 
      • Aureylian uses the same song, but her intro begins at a later part of the song.
        • Her intro, as well as the shortened version, contained a trumpet that can be easily distinguished which a majority of the roster uses after the first episode and onwards.
    • Kaleidow, Yammy, Salem, Amy, MK, and Bee used the same intro sequence but had different songs.
      • Bee and Kaleidow used the same song, but Kaleidow's intro was faster and louder.
      • While Yammy, Salem, MK, and Amy had all different songs. 
    • Ashley and Lizzie do not use the intro whatsoever. 
  • This season was originally going to include "Trick or Treat" Lucky Blocks, but it was later decided not to include them.
    • However, due to some kind of programming glitch, some Lucky Block temples still spawned in the world.
  • The candy corn spawn was built by the Walshaerts Build Team.  [5]
  • Although Yammy won the previous season, it was ironic as she was the first person to be eliminated this season.
    • She was also the first person to die by PvE (player versus environment; caused by a Witch).
  • Team Yammallama DingDong is the first team to have all of its members eliminated.
    • The name by JoeyGraceffa, who often nicknames Yammy "Yammallama DingDong."
  • Lizzie's elimination is parallel to the previous season as she was the second person to be eliminated and was killed through PvP (player versus player; caused by Ashley).
  • Team Boogie tried to re-create another Boogie House, but was interrupted by Team Applesauce.
    • Similar to last season, the ones that created the house died within the close area. 
  • Team Dino was the only team in which the participants did not die back-to-back. 
  • Bee made it farther than she did in first season.
    • She is the only participant to do this, whilst everyone else ranked lower.
    • Aureylian is the only exception because she kept the same ranking as she had in the previous season. 
  • Of the Top 3, Bee is the only veteran while Amy and Piper are both newcomers.
  • The latest episode before a person died is episode 7, one more from the previous season. 
  • Bee recommended Kaleidow to join the series. 
  • The Teamspeak channel used was of MK's because Stacy didn't have enough space for the added players. 
  • In this season's intro they spelled Squig's name as "TheRealSquig" instead of "RealSquig"


Intro Sequence Edit



UHShe Season 2 Intro (HD)

UHShe Season 2 Intro (HD)


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