Tucker's Treehouse is a build dedicated to Tucker in Dogcraft. It is one of the tallest builds.

Origins Edit

During the Second Dog Rescue Expedition, Stacy discovered a biome with a tree she had never seen before. She figured out that the tree was a Bald Cypress, and that she for sure use it in builds. When she came back, Stacy thought about a Treehouse. So she started to clear out the area for one. She knew that this was a laggy tree, but she grew it anyway. The tree was massive in size. Stacy tried to think of a special name for it. She checked to see if every wolf had a build name after them. Wink's Dopgark, Everest Falls, Noah's Bark, Addison's Academy, Basil's Barkery and- wait. Tucker had no build named after him. Stacy felt so bad that she dedicated the Treehouse to him.

Layout Edit

Tucker's Treehouse has several floors, mostly for viewing. The top floor has a bed so Stacy can get an amazing view while sleeping. Stampy was seen up there shortly before Creeper War II. The Treehouse and the hill behind it are plastered with fanart from various people.

Trivia Edit

  • Tucker's Treehouse is one of the tallest builds in Dogcraft.
  • The build lagged Dogcraft so much that Stacy upgraded her computer.
  • The build has seen usage from Stampy before CW2.
  • It is the last dog-pack dedicated build in Dogcraft.