Trapped Losers
Episode 5
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September 13, 2014



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"Trapped Losers" is the fifth episode in the Diversity series, and was uploaded on September 13th, 2014.

Overview Edit

Cupquake welcomes the viewers, and questions Stacy on whether she should be called StacyPlays (her YouTube/social media username) or StacySays (her Minecraft username). Stacy "discovers" the bonus room, and after a talk about its purpose, they enter the Escape challenge.

They are placed in a dark room with four buttons on the walls. Cupquake pushes the red button, and a hole appears in the floor. They drop down into a white room with a dispenser in the floor with a sign reading "A Gift Below". The dispenser contained a book titled "1E" and eight stacks of poisonous potatoes. The book was blank except for the last page, which read "you will die...". They traverse through many rooms, walking into many traps, encountering mobs, and reading strange books. They film their goodbyes in a room with pressure plates that give the nausea effect.

Trivia Edit

  • The egg "UDIE" is commonly pronounced "yoo-dee", but it says "you die".
  • There was a chest in the hell room named "YOU are the PAIN".
  • Cupquake found a chest with a sign 'Made me think of you', and found rotten flesh.
  • The "Rule of Right" was used again in this episode.

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