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Willow, also known as Tib, is a female Tabby Cat currently owned by Ms. Reedsalaught in Bookcraft. She is a character in 101 Dalmatians.

While originally being owned by Stacy, Willow eventually became loyal towards Ms. Reedsalaught due to being neglected by Stacy.

Bookcraft/Dogcraft Crossover Edit

Willow was first introduced as part of the Bookcraft/Dogcraft crossover, Willow aided Pongo and Perdita in finding their missing puppies. The three were found by Stacy and Dogear in Cruella's folly. Although Stacy had never met Willow up until this point, she was appreciative of her support.

Willow then closely followed Stacy to Cruella's 'Hill Hall' manor, helping many of the Dalmatians escape.

In Bookcraft Edit

During episode 51 of Bookcraft, Stacy finalized her 101 Dalmatians builds, one of the tasks included taming an Ocelot to become the character of Tib Willow. Once tamed, Stacy led Willow away (by raft and on foot) to Cruella's folly, where Stacy would then meet Willow during the Bookcraft/Dogcraft crossover.

Following the end of 101 Dalmations, Willow then resided in Stacy's home.

New Owner Edit

Tib willow ms reedsalaught

Willow with Ms. Reedsalaught and Nathan

During episode 67 of Bookcraft, Stacy learns that Willow felt neglected because of Stacy's consistent time with Dogear. Willow became friends with Ms. Reedsalaught during this time, leading to Ms. Reedsalaught becoming her new owner. Willow's new home is behind the counter of the library's reception area (with Ms. Reedsalaught).

In DogcraftEdit

Tibb-Willow returned to Dogcraft alongside her owner after Stacy finished her Pawblic Library. However, this was Tibb-Willow's first time actually being in the Dogcraft world. 
Screenshot 2016-09-03 at 12.39.03 PM

Tibb-Willow in Dogcraft.

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  • She is the second cat to be neglected by Stacy and have them become loyal to someone else.
    • The first was Dog The Cat, though his loyalty eventually went back to Stacy.