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The Squickens are a mixed race of Chickens and Squids in Dogcraft, who were created by Stacy and have since been either free roaming or living in 'Squicken Beach'.

In Dogcraft Edit


Baby Squickens

Creation Edit

The first set of Squickens to be created were in Episode 5 of Dogcraft, Stacy combined a chicken egg with an Ink Sack which spawned in two baby Squickens. Stacy named the two 'Lizzie' and 'Squirt'. Lizzie was named after LDShadowLady because Lizzie has a bunny named after Stacy in her Shadowcraft Series. Also because Lizzie is "awesome and unique" like the Squickens.

Squicken Beach Edit

In episode 16 of Dogcraft, Stacy decided to build a Squicken enclosure titled 'Squicken Beach'. Unknown to Stacy at the time, the baby Squickens couldn't swim and all but one named 'Harry Potter' lived. Lizzie was an adult and was living in Stacy's house so she survived, Squirt went missing a few episodes prior.

Since the Squicken deaths, other Squickens have been created including 'Dandy Pandy'.

Trivia Edit

  • Lizzie is the longest living Squicken in Dogcraft.
  • LDShadowlady made a cameo guest voice appearance as Lizzie in the Squicken Beach/Mount Ruffmore commercial during the Puppy Bowl.

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