The New Piglets
Episode 188
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January 16, 2016



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Pig Pastures

The Big Change

"The New Piglets" is the hundred and eighty-eighth episode of Dogcraft, and it was uploaded on January 16th, 2016.

Overview Edit

Stacy begins the episode, as usual, by going to the Art Gallery to check the art she has received from her fans. She grabs some stuff she needs and then heads to the bark with Addison as the selected wolf for the episode. She grabs some pumpkins from Damian's silo and takes Sophie with her to the Pig Pastures, where she plans a new building.

She then names the pig with a saddle she rode in Pig Pastures 'Rider', as suggested by her fans in a comment. Rider is the second pig ever named by Stacy after Sooezy, and the only one alive to this episode. She also renames one of the sheep 'Mellow', and changes the color of many of the other sheep.

Stacy starts building a hut for the pigs at the Pig Pasture shaped like a carrot, made with pumpkins, Bald Cypress Leaves and hay bales. She remarks how the pigs seem to enjoy the carrot and play in it like a parkour. Almost by the end of the episode, Stacy breeds two pigs and names them 'Sooezy Jr.' and 'Reuben Jr.', which results in an emotional moment. 

Trivia Edit

  • The name 'Sooezy Jr' comes from Sooezy, the pig Stacy used to keep at the Bark. Stacy names the piglet to honor Sooezy, who is murdered by Butch in the episode 'The Dog Show'.

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