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June 20th, 2013


September 25th, 2013

The Crafting Dead was a modded survival series featuring Stacy, Joey and occasionally Meghan and iJustine.

It was based off of The Walking Dead TV series.

Overview Edit

The series was different because the land was more flat and medical centers and other buildings could be found, zombies were the only threat and didn't burn from sunlight (like normal Zombies in Minecraft), they were also faster.

This was the first series to feature Stacy's running gag of trying to prank Joey, the series also had some of the most popular videos for Stacy's channel at the time.

Stacy and meghanjoey

Stacy, Meghan and Joey

Casa de Stoey Edit

'Casa de Stoey' was the name given to Joey, Stacy and Meghan's home which was originally a medical center, the name was based off of the ship name fans gave Joey and Stacy. Some of the building was made through creative mode and featured it's own bridge and back garden. Joey had a secret underground room and Stacy designed a lot of the interior.

The Crafting Dead ReturnsEdit

On June 6th, 2017, The Crafting Dead returned to Stacy's channel as a roleplay mini series as a part of Meghan and Joey's pre-existing Crafting Dead world. This also features Graser10 and Kiingtong.

Episodes Edit

For a full episode list click here.

Trivia Edit

  • The series is noted for being having some of Stacy's most viewed videos at the time.
  • This is one of only a few series on Stacy's channel to contain a face-cam. 
  • The series is also remembered for having several running gags, memorable moments and popular quotes:
  • The series was the first to have Meghan collab with Stacy.

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