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March 30, 2015


March 6th, 2017

 The Candy Isle, also known as Mermaid Mondays, is a (mer)modded Minecraft series with AmyLee 33. The first episode was posted on March 30th, 2015.

The series has quickly become one of the most viewed series on Stacy's channel with the first episode reaching over 1 million views, the second video on Stacy's channel to do so.

On February 27th, 2017, Stacy and Amy announced the retirement of the series, with the 100th episode being the final episode. 


Stacy and AmyLee as Mermaids


Stacy and Amy are mermaids, given only a mermaid survival guide, the two befriend sea creatures, trade with beach villagers, and tame fairies, all while trying to get to the delicious candy dimension!

Stacy and Amy have also been able to tame bats, Stacy has a bat named 'Milo' and has been at risk of despawning several times. Amy has a bat named 'Pepsi'. The fairies in the series are able to fulfill jobs such as harvesting crops and mining.

The Mermaid Handbook Edit

'The Mermaid Handbook' is a list of tasks for Stacy and Amy to complete in the series, the book was found in a chest underneath a red 'X', marking the spot. The list includes:

  • Get 3 chocolate dogs
  • Get a army of fairies
  • Build a Shelter
  • Craft Coral Armour and Tools
  • Tame a Bat
  • Find a Pearl
  • Trade with a Beach Villager
  • Make the enchantment table
  • get candy canes
  • Recruit a Fairy friend
  • Make a Backpack
  • Build a Portal to the Candy Dimension
  • Find and Ride a Loch Ness Monster
  • Defeat the Slime Queen
  • Defeat the Jelly King
  • Bring back a pet
  • Build a Candy house on the island
  • Construct a Trampoline using Trampo-Jelly
  • Put a name tag on a Narwhal
  • Make a Dingle hopper

Stacy and Amy's Dome Edit

The Dome exterior

The Dome Exterior

Stacy and Amy have spent several episodes building an underwater glass dome to be their new home. The Dome has been filled with sand to remove the water. The dome contains tunnels to other domes and to the surface.

The Dome is also a nice way of viewing underwater marine life and spotting pearls (which they need to breath underwater).

Crusty Edit

Main Article: Crusty the Crab

Crusty the Crab is a memorable character in the series, he is known for constantly irritating Stacy by dropping Crab legs, living on her bed and pinching her toes or her fins.

Amy loves Crusty and usually defends him, Stacy wasn't happy with the idea of Crusty living in the Dome with them. Crusty is named Crusty because he is a crustacean.

Memorable Quotes Edit

Queen of the Butts Edit

'Queen of the Butts' is a nickname Amy has given to Stacy because most of her fairies have 'Butt' in their name. Fans have also called Stacy this nickname in comments and outside of the series.

Mods and Resource PackEdit

Stacy Candy isle skin

Stacy's Mermaid Skin

The resource pack used in the Candy Isle is called CutieCraft.

The included mods are:

Story Arcs The realEdit

StacyPlays and AmyLee33 - Candy Isle Poster

Stacy and Amy in a limited edition Poster of the series

  • Island Beginnings (1-4)
  • Into The Mines (5-7)
  • Fairy Folly (8-11)
  • Missing Button (12-13)
  • Diving In (14-20)
  • Gains and Losses (21-29)
  • Nether Flight (30-31)
  • Back Home (32-34)
  • Enter The Candy Dimension (35-38)
  • Sweetening The Overworld (39-42)
  • Back To Candyland (43-48)
  • Sandcastle Building (49-50)
  • Making New Animal Friends (51-53)
  • Jewel Hunting (54-56)
  • Island Upgrades (57-59)
  • Crafting and Building in the Candy Dimension (60-62)
  • Working with Animals (63-67)


On February 27th, 2017, Stacy announced that the 100th episode would be the last episode of the Candy Isle. The final episode aired on March 6th, 2017. However, Stacy teased that she wasn't done being a mermaid, and the final shot of the final episode said "To Be Continued..." 



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