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TheCampingRusher also known as just 'Rusher' is a Canadian Minecrafter and YouTuber known for his Faction series and being a member of The Cube and UHC. Rusher and Stacy are good friends in real life.

Collabs with Stacy Edit

The Cube Edit

Main Article: Cube SMP

Although the two never often collaborated in the Cube, the two mentioned each other in several episodes including a prank Graser pulled on Rusher to confuse him, Stacy was in on the prank. During the presidential election Rusher proposed an animal factory, Stacy responded with "Boooooooo!"
Honestly, like I said on Twitter just, the nicest person you'll meet. Literally.
—Rusher, talking about Stacy after she left the cube
Following Stacy's Cube exit, Rusher (along with Graser and StrawberryJam) found Stacy's hidden gold and split it between the three.

Cube UHC Edit

Main Article: UHC

Rusher has appeared in Seasons 5, 6, 7 and 8 (featuring Stacy).

In Season 7 Rusher was the first to be killed (by DulJuice) and has since been mocked by friends and fans about him being killed.

In Season 8, Rusher was part of Team Tigermilk with TofuuGaming and Stacy.

In Vlogs Edit

Rusher and Stacy appear to be good friends outside of Youtube, with Rusher even lining up to meet Stacy.
Rusher irl

Rusher in real life

Rusher's Channel Edit

Rusher currently has over 650,000 subscribers and records popular series such as Factions, Cube and UHC. Rusher also Vlogs and Pranks on the channel.

Trivia Edit

  • Rushers real name is Brayden.

References Edit

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