Survival Queens
Episode 3
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September 9, 2014



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"Survival Island"

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"Survival Queens" is the third episode of Diversity. It premiered on September 9th, 2014.

Overview Edit

Survival BranchEdit

Diversity 1 Cobble House

Cobby Home. Yay...

Cupquake welcomes the viewers with Stacy from the top of their fort wall, being a continuation of the Survival challenge that started in the previous episode, and mention having collected three of the ten required items: flower pot, painting, and TNT.

Stacy ventures into the mineshaft to collect string for a fishing rod while Cupquake enters the Nether and quickly finds a large cluster of Glowstone. Stacy warns Cupquake on the dangerous route that is the Nether. Specifically about armor-less, makes it more susceptible to damage from the Nether mobs.

Diversity 1 Mushroom Many

Mushroom Galore

Stacy comes into the Nether and they gather red and brown mushrooms to create Mushroom Stew for food. Stacy talks about how she'd rather find gold underground as ore rather than killing zombie pigmen. After a brief unsuccessful search for a nether fortress, they return to the overworld.

Stacy makes the fishing rod and catches a fish for their required items box, and Cupquake crafts the bread.

They return to the mines to hunt for redstone and gold, to make a powered rail and a compass, and Stacy makes them some armor before entering. Cupquake gets the redstone, and Stacy finds a minecart chest with coal, bread, and a diamond.

After some staircase mining, Stacy finds gold over some lava. Cupquake hurries back to the surface to grab some water, and returns and cools the lava, letting them find lots of gold.

Returning to the surface, they smelt the gold, and Cupquake makes the powered rail as Stacy makes the compass which she combines with paper for a map.
Diversity Brown Completed

Brown Wool Completion! WOO!

Having collected all the required items, they climb into the floating cube and deposit the items into a hopper, and Stacy receives the brown wool. Placing the wool into the chest, a new challenge is begun. 

Dropper BranchEdit

Cupquake's interest with the Dropper Branch ultimately choose it. Entering the branch, the two are placed in a Village themed Dropper stage before officially ending the episode.


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