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September 7, 2014



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"A-Maze-Ing New Series"

"Survival Queens"

"Survival Island" is the second episode of the DiversityIt premiered on September 7th, 2015.


In the second episode, Stacy does a recap on her previous episode and the Labyrinthian Branch. She then goes through the other branches, choosing based on the names. Scrolling through the branches, she ultimately decides on the Survival Branch. 

Survival BranchEdit

Diversity 1 Apple Rain

Apple Rain! Thank Minecraft Gods!

Teleported to the Survival Challenge, the duo decide to start quickly. Staying on a serious tone, the two decide that the challenge consisting of a pure survival made it difficult for them to harm any of the alive animals because of the lack of resources. The two immediately start with knocking down the only tree on the island. Retrieving the wood, they decide that creating the essential tools would be the best idea. Cupquake crafting the wooden tools, she digs down and creates wooden tools which she shares with Stacy. Getting blocks of dirt, Stacy blocks up into the bedrock fortress, while Cupquake headed down to find a mine. Stacy then retrieves a book that lists the items that are needed to complete the challenge. Listing the items needed for the completion of Survival Branch, Stacy's curiosities grows as she heads back up to get the diamond tools (axe, pickaxe, shovel, sword, and hoe). On the ground, she discovers the dirt house that would be their home.
Diversity 1 Earwaxed

Clean out your ears, fool!

Climbing back down, Stacy shares her new tools with Cupquake. Cupquake receiving pickaxe and axe, while Stacy keeps the sword, hoe, and shovel. In their first night, hostile mobs spawn the island causing Stacy and Cupquake to attack them. 

Diversity 1 Sorry Cow

Thank you for your food. RIP :(

Cupquake then finds an abandoned mineshaft, containing chickens. The two talk about their low resources such as food for them and food for the animals. Then decides to make a wheat farm to maintain their health and for their challenge. Stacy and Cupquake went off to pull in the remaining animals to their make-shift cage. Heading down into the caves, the mineshaft provided important items such as string to complete the list. In the mines, they collect coal, iron, an ender pearl, gunpowder, and a lava pool. Dowsing the lava pool into obsidian, they built a Nether Portal, providing a way to enter the Nether. 

The episode concludes with them saying their goodbyes and hinting the end of the Survival Branch. 



  • The list include:
    • 1 Painting
    • 1 Flower Pot
    • 1 Powered Rail
    • 1 Bread
    • 1 Cooked Fish
    • 1 Glowstone (Block)
    • 1 TNT
    • 1 Empty Map
  • This is the first episode that has the word "survival."
    • The second being "Survival Queens."

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