{{Character box |RGBAColor = 183, 159, 221, 0.1|Name = Sugar|Image = Sugar.png|Species = Poodle|Gender = Female|Occupation = Sugar's Salon Owner|Status = Alive|First Appearance = Almost Home (EP.148)|FontColor = Black|color = #b79fdd|BGColor = #b79fdd |Relatives = *Georgette (Sister)

Sugar is a Poodle owned by Stacy in Dogcraft. She was rescued during the Dog Rescue Expedition. 



Stacy, while in her newly created Mesa base, discovers a stray Poodle which she hadn't rescued in the base, laying in Wink's bed. Stacy, however, was more interested in taming a Boxer, a dog which she had not tamed, since she had only one more colar. After finding Boxers, Stacy doesn't find any that need rescuing, so instead Stacy decides to tame the poodle instead, as it clearly wanted to be a part of the family. Sugar's Salon TBA


  • She was the last dog to be rescued during the Dog Rescue Expedition. 
  • Sugar's name was a tribute to Molasses, who died soon after Sugar was tamed.

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