Sugar is a Poodle in Dogcraft owned by Stacy. She runs her salon, Sugar's Salon, as of today. 







Professional Status

Sugar's Salon Owner

Personal Status



Rescue Edit

Stacy, while in her newly created Mesa base, discovered a stray Poodle which she hadn't rescued in the base, laying in Wink's bed. Stacy, however, was more interested in taming a Boxer, a dog which she had not tamed, since she had only one more collar. After finding Boxers, Stacy didn't find any that needed rescuing, so instead Stacy decided to tame the poodle instead, as it clearly wanted to be a part of the family.

Sugar's Salon and Customers Edit

In "Sugar's Salon" , Stacy decided to give Sugar a salon. The Salon is mostly pink and white in color, with a sakura door. Sugar, like Madeleine in the Pawsteria, charges Dog Biscuits for salon care. The salon has a backyard with a door for in/out access. The yard had been proved faulty once when a trapdoor flower pot was too close to the one-high fence, and Sugar escaped. Stacy corrected the problem with more fences.

Molly's Makeover Edit

Molly was Sugar's first customer. It all started when Stacy opened her front door, and Molly escaped. Stacy chased her until Molly ran in the Dog Wash 9000, where her coat changed into her IRL look. Stacy took her to Sugar to finish the snazzy new coat.

Milquetoast's Makeover Edit

Stacy was beginning to have confusion problems between Mistletoe and Milquetoast, so she decided to take Milque to Sugar to change his coat. When Stacy came back to check, Stacy saw that Sugar did an amazing job. Milque had gray spots, a pink inside for his ears, and a red collar. Stacy thanked Sugar for her wonderful duties. It was later revealed that Nathan designed the coat.

Color Changes Edit

Sugar Gets Festive Edit

In "Festive Poodles", Stacy was chatting with Dog Guard shortly before leaving for the cabin when Sugar and Georgette walked up to Stacy, dyed red and lime green green. Stacy, because they were being festive, decided to take both girls to the Christmas Cabin. Sugar was lime green.

Going Green Again Edit

In "St. Pawtrick's Poodles" Stacy got the idea of dying the Poodles green to celebrate St. Pawtrick's. Sugar was one of them. She was dyed cactus green.


  • She was the last dog to be rescued during the Dog Rescue Expedition. 
  • Sugar's name was a tribute to Molasses, who died soon after Sugar was tamed.
  • Sugar has been helpful for changing Milquetoast's coat to prevent confusion.
  • She also finished Molly's new look as well.
  • Sugar is one of the 16 dyed poodles in Dogcraft. She has the white coat.
  • Despite being a white poodle, she does not live with the rest of the colored poodles.
  • Sugar has been dyed twice using lime and green dye.
  • Sugar originally had a yellow collar.
  • Fans are trying to ship Sugar and Noah. #Noahgr