Stampy 2




Personal Status


  • Milquetoast (Parent)
  • Dog The Cat (Parent)
First Appearance

Cat Cubby (EP. 27)

Stampy is an orange tabby cat in Stacy's Dogcraft series he is the son of Dog The Cat and Milquetoast.

In Dogcraft Edit

Origin Edit

Stampy was first introduced in Episode 27 of Dogcraft, after Stacy began a search for Ocelots, she eventually found a jungle and tamed both a orange cat and a siamese cat (Dog and Milquetoast). After returning home, she bred the two cats together and named the baby "Stampy". Stampy was named after Stacy's real life friend of the same name.

Stampy Gets Sick Edit

During Episode 113, Stacy visits the Tom Cat Towers to check up on the cats, and finds Stamp visibly unwell. Stacy discovers he's eaten an entire room full of cake, so Stacy takes him to Dr. Nineheeler to get his stomach pumped. Once at the Hound Hospital, Stacy finds Dr. Nineheeler to have trapped herself in quarantine, so is of little help, Stacy throws 'Tummy Tamer' on Stampy and heals his sickness.

Stampy has since become known as the child of the "Feline Family", with Milquetoast being the mother and Dog being the father. Stampy and Dog currently reside in the Tom Cat Towers (with Milquetoast residing in Stacy's home).

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