A sandbox is a place where people may test things. This is a public sandbox which anyone may uses, pariticularly new contributors and beginniners. Anything may be added in here, with the exception of swearing, personal content, etc.

Please note that the purpose of the sandbox is testing template which may later be used in this wiki. Please use the preview button rather than saving this page wherever possible. 

Enjoy testing!

Ep TestingEdit

Team 1 - StacyPlays and RealSquigGamesEdit

Team 1
StacyPlays and RealSquigGames
Series No. Episode No. Thumbnail Title and Link Posted Date
27 1
"Belle and The Books" October 16th, 2016
Series No. Episode No. Thumbnail Title and Link Posted Date
18 1
"Enchanting Already" October 16th, 2016


UHShe Season 5Edit

Team Colors

  • Team 1 - #66CCFF
  • Team 2 - #ff80d5
  • Team 3 - #de70eb
  • Team 4 - #FAFB88
  • Team 5 - #2FCCC0
  • Team 6 - #ec9d46
  • Team 7 - #73E275
  • Team 8 - #F15F5F

Build Template TestEdit

Noah's Bark
Bark 1

Noah's Bark

Formerly Called
  • Stacy's Bark
  • The Dog Bark's


Completion Episode

"The Bark's Roof"




The Dog Guard

First Appearance

"A Beagle Biome"

 Noah's Bark, or The Dog Bark, is an important build in Dogcraft, used for a shelter for dogs to live in. 

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