Frequently UsedEdit

—Stacy, when tragedy hits
Baby Zombie, why?!
—Stacy running into a baby zombie
—Stacy, during any scary moment
Holy ___, Batman!
—Stacy, when seeing a ton of mobs
Son of a ...biscuits
—Stacy, when perplexed during gameplay.



I died!!
—Stacy, after dying in Hungercraft
—Stacy, every time Joey causes chaos or kills her
Are you on the bridge to Terabithia?
—Stacy, asking Joey if he is crossing the bridge
(Gasps) AH! PinklegsMcGie stole my chest!
—Stacy, after her chest was taken (Ep. 42)

Hungercraft Season 2Edit

I think I may have killed you.
—Stacy, to Joey in (Ep. 1)
Which of us is gonna die?
—Stacy, quoting the climax to Bridge to Terabithia (Ep. 1)
I have sticks galore!
—Stacy, obtaining many sticks (Ep. 1)
I think it was the map!
—Stacy, after dying from a TNT explosion (Ep. 1)
We lost to someone named Banana!
—Stacy, insulted by losing to a fruit (Ep. 1)
He might be really good...although he's wearing a skin of yours, so might be really bad.
—Stacy, about Joey's alter ego
No, I'm not smart! The border did it!
—Stacy, giving the credit to the border for Joey's escape
Everyone should have a library card.
—Stacy, on her love for books
We could have been something, Silverbase.
—Stacy, killing her teammate
Listen. I didn't say that this was the way to glory. I just said that this is the way of not dying.
—Stacy, en route to a risky path
I want you to kill Ronald McDonald!
—Stacy, asking Joey for vengeance
This is parkour. Why would I come up here?
—Stacy, regretting her mistake
Joey: Actually, I think there's someone watching you.
Stacy: Comforting...Like a God?
—Stacy, while Joey scanned the area
I like all of the balloons though...
—Stacy, appreciating the atmosphere
We are going to kill this person...maybe.
—Stacy, preparing to kill
Where's the moon in relation to you (Joey)?
—Stacy, navigating through the map
Well, I don't know but I have a diamond, so I'm not inclined to lose my life. You know.
—Stacy, to Joey
Praise the Genies!
—Stacy, after finding a Wooden Sword
How do I...disembody her?
—Stacy, after dying in a match
No girl, you can't get that chest. It belongs to me!!
—Stacy, after another player stole her chest (Ep. 48)
Joey: Up up to the stars. Are you dancing?
Stacy: I think

Pumpkin QuestEdit

Sorry were not all like you, Dora The Explorer.


Graser! Are you ready to lose?
—Stacy, in most episodes of Mineclash
Hahaha! This pig dropped a football!
—Stacy, slaughtering a pig in a Mineclash challenge
I keep fishing chickens!!
—Stacy, while failing to lure her fishing rod and hits chickens
(Gasps) A skeleton just shot a bunny!
—Stacy, disturbed by the death of a bunny


Page and Molly love you! Go read a book!
—Stacy, Bookcraft outro

Noob QuestEdit

—Stacy, in Noob Quest after accidentally throwing an item

The CubeEdit

Dang it, Thumper.
—Stacy, moments before she falls off a cliff whilst riding Thumper
I decided that I'm leaving the Cube.
—Stacy, falsely leaving the Cube

Find The ButtonEdit

Ohh! It's a piston parkour...
—Stacy, worried about the parkour
The Button Trio is reunited.
—Stacy, during the Halloween Edition of Find the Button
I am the Button Queen!
—Stacy, gleefully accepting her title
The thing is that I really want to find the buttons and the shaders would have hindered my visibility. And I just want to beat you guys.
—Stacy, determined to win
I didn't get milk! I want the milk!
—Stacy, wanting milk


Oh, your a baby. Im sorry! No, please go, live, prosper.
—Stacy, after hurting a baby bunny during UHShe Season 1
Oh my gosh, Flowers for days!
—Stacy, after discovering Rose Bushes during UHShe Season 1
Yass Iron Yass!
—Stacy while mining Iron during UHShe Season 3 (Ep.3)
I clearly should've been able to get away from that Border. I do think that it was moving way too fast, like faster than it should've been moving. Uh...and I think that their might've been an issue with the Border, this season...moving too fast because the map size was set smaller. Because last season the map size was way too big! So I think the map size was set smaller but the Border...uh continued to shrink at the same rate when it was large. Anyway yeah...I died to the Border.
—Stacy, while commenting on the season and her death.

Sky WarsEdit

Which one?!
—Stacy, confused on what lobby to choose
Wait what?!!
—Stacy, confused on how to play Sky Wars
Oh! Look at the middle, it's so pretty!
—Stacy, admiring the scenery
Hello and welcome back to another minigame on Will's channel! This is Will! And your watching his channel!
—Stacy, doing the second intro on Sky Wars
Attench?!...(Graser, Kiingtong, Private laughs) Thanks for all of the attench, Will.
—Stacy, sarcastic remark after dying in Sky Wars
—Stacy, to Kiingtong after he failed to stop her from dying
Give us some attench.
—Stacy, doing the outro on Sky Wars
Uhhh...I liked Sky Wars very much. I-I'm sad that I couldn't ever make it to the mid. (Graser laughs)
—Stacy, after Kiingtong asks her opinion on Sky Wars

The RiftEdit

I want to live!!
—Stacy, the beginning of The Rift
I want to die! I surrender!
—Stacy, after she gets scared
An anomaly is like an inconsistency. It's like a...
—Stacy, defining anomaly to Graser
I'd rather just die instead of going into an elevator...
—Stacy, hesitant about going in the elevator

Arcade Prop HuntEdit

This trashcan is suspect to me.
That dog has been always been there!
She went into a Coke can!
—Stacy, at Aphmau disguised as a can.
I was chasing her and she just turned into something.
—Stacy, suspicious of the opposite team
Lizzie, I couldn't help it. I had to be a dog!
—Stacy, after being caught
Lizzie! What the...Lizzie?! You got cocky, Lizzie. You got cocky!
—Stacy, angry at Lizzie for being discovered by Aphmau
I swear this sushi keeps moving!
—Stacy, while looking for Lizzie

Crafting Dead Edit

You're a guest star!
—Stacy, towards the dying Meghan

Diversity Edit

We don't want to make sandwiches! We want swords!
—Stacy, disappointed with the chest

Mystic Mesa Edit

Oh Bunnies! I'm gonna murder you in a minute...
—Stacy, while scoping out her new world
Pogonip, We Ride!
—Stacy, while riding on her Pegasus Pogonip

Minecraft: Story ModeEdit



Woof woof. Hey!
—Stacy, after Cupquake indirectly calls her hiding spot "basic"
I tried to hashtag Joey's sass and realized that it looks a bit naughty. #Joeysass
—Stacy, on Twitter

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