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May 31, 2014



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"Squicken Beach" is the sixteenth episode of Dogcraft, and it was uploaded on May 31st, 2014.

Overview Edit

Lizzie stacy's home

Lizzie in Stacy's home

The episode begins with Stacy on the balcony, talking about how her sheep 'Pillow' escaped it's pen and that she must trap him in the episode, Stacy also mentions her Squicken 'Squirt' is missing and that he also needs to be found.

Stacy then proceeds to the 'Dalmatian Plantation' and names her new dog 'Scamp'. After Stacy lures Pillow back into his pen, she places some materials in her inventory and goes on to make a small Squicken sanctuary next to her house called 'Squicken Beach'.

Stacy then spawns in several Squickens in the beach and lures 'Lizzie' into her home, so it will be easier to place her in the beach. The following morning, Stacy goes back to the beach to find only two baby Squickens are left (unknown to Stacy that baby Squickens cant swim), suddenly one of the two Squickens drown making Stacy seal in the last remaining Squicken in fences. Stacy names the Squicken 'Harry Potter' and gives the dead Squickens a place in the pet cemetary.

Stacy then spawns in several other Squickens and ends the episode after giving Page, Molly and Wink some food and then going to bed.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first appearance of 'Harry Potter'.
  • 'Harry Potter' was the given name to the Squicken because he was "the Squicken who lived".
  • The dead Squickens have a grave placed next to 'Omelet'.

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