Pig puppy
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Personal Status


First Appearance

The Pig Puppy (Ep. 107)

Last Appearance

The Dog Show (EP.182)

Sooezy, also known as the 'Hog Dog', is a pig in Dogcraft who believes themselves to be a dog. Before her death in Episode 182, she was being watched by Butch, who was also her killer.



Sooezy was first encountered in Charli's dog pen in Noah's Bark, enjoying the dog food (which was made from pig pork). Stacy found it hilarious that the pig thought they were a dog, so she kept the pig in the bark. Currently, she resides in Violet's pen, while Stacy thinks of a permanent home for her. 


Sooezy's death

Death of Sooezy

During the Dog Show, Sooezy returned to Stacy with a black eye, broken ribs, and many other severe injuries. Sooezy began leading Stacy somewhere, before succumbed to her injuries. Upon her death, Stacy realized that Butch's Canned Dog Food was in reality just actual meat. 

Screenshot 2015-12-26 at 10.24.30 PM

Sooezy bloodied and injured


After her death, her shriek was heard throughout the world of Dogcraft, attracting several pigs to her death cry. Once at the Dog Show, the group of pigs summoned Pigzilla to eliminate Butch. However, it soon turned to be too destructive as the plan succeeded, it caused the world of Dogcraft destruction. In rubbles, it was then revealed that the catastrophe was just in a dream from Stacy, however, she woke up before the summoning could continue. Stacy then killed Butch, stopping his destruction and avenging the death of Sooezy and many of her pigs friends, the world of Dogcraft was at peace. Stacy decides to pay respects by vowing to stop using pigs for her Dogs' food source.

In memory of her death, after building the Pig Pastures, Stacy named a baby pig Sooezy Jr. 


  • The name "Sooezy" is from "Soooey!", a phrase farmers often use to call pigs. 
  • Sooezy was the only named pig in Dogcraft. 
  • She was also the only resident of Noah's Bark (Aside from the Dog Guard), who is not a dog. 

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