Slime and Drool
Dogcraft ep20
Episode 20
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June 14, 2014



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"Slime and Drool" is the twentieth episode of Dogcraft, and it was uploaded on June 14th, 2014.

Overview Edit

In the beginning of the episode, Stacy moves to the Dalmatian Plantation to breed a new dog called 'Magic'. After visiting the Gallery, Stacy shows off her progress in Stacy's Bark, such as Canine Cleaners newly improved improved lever activation. Later on in the episode, Stacy focused her time on creating a Dog Biscuit dispenser in the Bark.

At night time, Stacy travelled down her mining ladder to show her new "Mob Grinder", which was primarily containing only Bats. Once back home Stacy talks about her interest in finding a Cactus for her home, this leads to a small expedition the next day in order to find a dessert.

Stacy came across a Swamp Biome in her travels, where she broke many Lily pads, Stacy also hoped to find a lot of string at some point (which she did when night time came). Stacy made it back (though without a cactus), and used a selection of bones and slime to create a throw bone, Stacy then took Wink out of his pen to play a game of fetch in the Dopgark. The episode then came to an end with a scenic Mount Ruffmore behind Stacy.