Polly's Pet Food
Episode 185
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January 6, 2016



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"Polly's Pet Food" is the hundred and eighty-fifth episode of Dogcraft, and it was uploaded on January 6th, 2016.

 Overview Edit

Stacy begins the episode by taking Polly with her, along with Tucker as the selected wolf for the day. She visits the dogs at the bark and decides to take Perp the dachschund with her, too. Then she walks over to a new zone (close to the Extreme Agility Course) where she explains she will build the new farm at, to move the animals from the Quonset.

As she starts preparing the new terrain to build, Stacy talks about her new upcoming modded series and the expansion plans she has for the world of Dogcraft, including a giant built carrot for the pigs.While building some zombies come in, Stacy kills the tresspassers, surprised that they dropped a new type of pet food. Polly's pet food, which is actually retextured orginally as rotten flesh.

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