Pipsqueak (Mouse)




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First Appearance

Milquetoast and the Mouse (EP.159)

Pipsqueak is a mouse who lives in Stacy's house in Dogcraft. He was introduced during Stacy's inclusion of new mods for the Dogcraft World, which also featured mobs such as birds and butterflies. Pipsqueak has since become a resident in Stacy's home and has struck a friendship with Milquetoast.


Origin Edit

Pipsqueak's first appearance was in Episode 159 of Dogcraft, an episode which heavily featured Stacy's newly introduced mods. While Stacy slept, she heard a squeaking noise which she knew wasn't the sound of the birds. The sound was tracked down to a small mouse which was next to Milquetoast's bed. Stacy was both confused and terrified with the thought of an actual mouse living in her home, instantly dismissing it as a dead mouse or a Decocraft Plushy toy.

Milquetoast Pipsqueak

Pipsqueak and Milquetoast

The mouse eventually moved and scared Stacy. She was reluctant to kill him because he seemed nice and began jumping up and down, similar to Stacy's dogs. Stacy then concluded that the mouse had entered the home using a hole, which was blasted through the house. Stacy then learned that the mouse and Milquetoast had struck a friendship, so she allowed him to stay.

The following episode, Stacy named him 'Pipsqueak.' Pipsqueak is now occasionally seen roaming Stacy's home and playing with Milquetoast.


  • He is the only mouse in Dogcraft. 
  • Milquetoast shows no harm to the mouse, despite being a cat. 
  • Pipsqueak (Cat) is named after him.