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Sooezy's Revenge

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Sooezy's Revenge

Pigzilla was a summoned pig in Dogcraft

In DogcraftEdit


After the death of Sooezy, a bunch of pigs in the world of Dogcraft followed her dying squeel and into the Dog Show. At the Dog Show, the pigs gathered and summoned Pigzilla. Directing their attack on the perputrator (Butch) to the point of his death. Once Butch died, Pigzilla continued to attack Stacy's world by destroying the Dog Show, several of her farms, and many of her known builds. Stacy tried to stop Pigzilla but is at no use as the monster continued its rampage. Now at the remains of the Tomcat Towers, her vision goes black and hears Wink's cry. Now awake, Stacy had seconds before the summoning of Pigzilla.

Although not an antagonist, Pigzilla did cause major damage to Stacy's world by stumping many of her builds such as the Dog Show, the Dalmation Plantation, Tomcat Towers, various farms and some of her dalmatians and other mobs.


In reality, Stacy had just dreamt the whole scenario but would still happen as the pigs were beginning to summon Pigzilla. In the end, Stacy killed Butch to end his tyranny. With the death of Butch, Stacy promises to begin the new year by turning over a new leaf and to stop using pigs as a food source for her dogs. Thus the pigs will not summon Pigzilla and the world of Dogcraft is at tranquility. 


  • If you listen closely to their roar, you can hear the roar of the Tyrannosaurus Rex's from Jurrasic Park.
  • The name of Pigzilla was inspired by the famous movie monster, Godzilla.
  • Stacy has some unknown way of having the dogs run in the perfect motion.