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January 13, 2016



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The New Piglets

"Polly's Pet Food" is the hundred and eighty-seventh episode of Dogcraft, and it was uploaded on January 13th, 2016.

 Overview Edit

Stacy starts the episode, as per usual, by going to the Art Gallery to check the art she has received from her fans. She then heads to the Quonset, where she discovers the only two sheep she didn't relocate were ironically Pillow and Not Pillow. She then rides a pig to the sheep pastures to drop Not Pillow, and to show the viewers what she has built.

When she gets to the pig pen, a hoarde of pigs chase her because she is holding a carrot, and she has trouble getting inside (Typical Stacy). It's noticeable in the video she has a lot of pigs, many of them coming from the episode The Dog Show, in which they came to avenge Sooezy's death by Butch.

Stacy adds carrots to the pig pastures, to make it more welcoming. She realizes by the end of the video that you can't recover a saddle worn by a pig unless you kill it. She explains the reason this episode is shorter than the others is because she is setting up her new computer, and because her dogs in real life are causing a fuss.

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