Out of Town - Dogcraft Mini
Episode 80.5
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January 10, 2015



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Creeper Quarters

The Creeper War

"Out of Town - Dogcraft Mini" is a mini episode of Dogcraft, and it was uploaded on January 10th, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Stacy's wolves had a small message for the viewers, stating:
Hi everyone, this is Stacy's Dogs. Stacy isn't here right now because she is moving in real life, whatever that means...but she'll be back on Wednesday with an all new episode of Dogcraft. We'll keep everything safe at the Dalmatian Plantation until then...we promise!
—Stacy's Dogs
The camera then left Stacy's home and revealed a large army of Creepers, ready to attack. The Creepers represent the climax of the ongoing storyline of Dog The Cat, who was recently discovered to have been plotting an attack against Stacy (and her pets).
Out of Town Creepers

The episodes final scene, revealing the Creeper Army

Trivia Edit

  • This is currently the only Mini episode of Dogcraft.
  • In the week this was made, Stacy was moving houses.
  • This is the penultimate episode to 'The Creeper War' storyline.

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