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Noel The Endermen





Professional Status


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First Appearance

The First Noel (Ep. 70)

Last Appearance

Dashing Dachshund (Ep. 181)

Noel The Endermen is an endermen in Dogcraft, who currently resides in Stacy's Christmas Cabin with Mistletoe.

In DogcraftEdit

Noel made his first appearance at the Christmas Cabin. He stayed in Stacy's house, and eventually she decided to name him and trapped him in a mine cart. 

Death and RevivalEdit

After discovering that putting Noel in a mine cart would render him unable to attack her, Stacy began looking at Noel under the belief that Noel wouldn't want to be hostile. This caused her wolves to start attacking Noel, quickly setting him ablaze and killing him, making Stacy devastated.

The following night, however, on Christmas Eve, Stacy dreamed that Noel had come back to life, now in a new green elf-outfit. When she awoke the next morning, she realized it wasn't a dream, and Noel really was back.  Discovering a gift from Milquetoast and Stampy, a kitten named Mistletoe, Stacy eventually left the cabin with Mistletoe keeping Noel company, and the two have lived their happily ever since.

Christmas 2015Edit

After returning to the Christmas Cabin a year later, where she was dissapointed not to find either Noel or Mistletoe. Noel left a note to Stacy saying that he and Mistletoe were away at the North Pole visiting relatives.

When Stacy returned the next day to bring some of her dogs to the Cabin, Noel and Mistletoe were back, and the Cabin was newly decorated. 

On Christmas morning, Noel very briefly appeared in Stacy's house as she slept, and gave her a christmas a few christmas presents before he left: A throwbone, and blue dog colar, and a puppy Dachshund.


  • Noel is named after someone close to Stacy.
  • Noel is the first named Enderman on Stacy's channel.