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Mob Lord

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Stacy's Cat

Personal Status


First Appearance

Bringing Home Buttercup (EP.235)

Last Appearance

Pet Cemetery (EP.296)

Ninja is a black cat that was owned by Stacy in Dogcraft

Since epawsode 296, he has been lurking in the shadows. 



Stacy, after returning from her Dogcraft Beach Cottage, Stacy discovered a little black kitten at the Dog Rescue Shelter, already tamed. Stacy, assuming that the cat came from the nether, quickly brings the cat to safety and gives the kitten a tour of the world.

In episode 236, Stacy named the now grown up cat "Ninja", because "he just kind of appeared out of nowhere".


Everest captured

Ninja reveled to be working with the Creepers, capturing Everest.

While preparing to search and rescue Basil and Noah, Stacy and Everest mapped out her home and prepared directions to begin her search. Though just before leaving, Stacy noticed Everest was not following her, and eventually realized he too has mysteriously disappeared. A final shot traveled through the Nether Portal, revealing Everest had been captured by Ninja and the Creepers.

After realizing that another Creeper War was about to being, Stacy began training her cats in the Extreme Agility Course. However, Stacy pointed out that it didn't look like Ninja was even trying. 

After leading all the cats through the nether portal and into the ice spikes biome where the dogs were being held captive, Stacy rescued the dogs, and lead them back down where she found all the cats bruised and injured... Except for Ninja. Then it hit Stacy. Ninja originally found Stacy after going through the Nether Portal. Ninja was working with the creepers. Suddenly, Ninja summoned the creepers, causing Stacy, the dogs, and the good cats, to start running as fast as possible towards home. Halfway through the nether portal, Stacy got the idea to break the netherrack on the ground, creating a hole that lead to lava. As many creepers began falling into the hole, Stacy decided that Ninja was not worth rescuing, and she left him in the nether just as a creeper begans pushing him into the hole. 


Ninja has many similarities towards Dog The Cat.

  • Both are black cats.
  • Both at one point were associated with the Creepers. 
  • Both were thought good.

 Ninja was believed to be killed by the creepers, pushed into lava in the Nether. This, however, was proved false in the mini The Truth About Ninja, he was later seen again in "Howloween Hoedown" with a zombie pigman and wither skeleton. He is once again seen in "Pet Cemetery" at the end of the episode, stepping into the Dogcraft world.

 Ninja is the 4th antagonist in Dogcraft, the others are Dog, Cruella, and Butch.  

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