Nilla is a white  bunny owned by Stacy in Dogcraft.



Nilla was found in the wilderness by Stacy's campground. She lead both Nilla and Wafer to all the way back home, and introduced them to their new home; the Bunny Garden. However, both bunnies have proven themselves to be escape artists, and have escaped from the Garden on multiple occasions.


Upon returning from the Dog Rescue Expedition, Stacy noticed that not only were both Nilla and Wafer nowehere to be seen, many of the flowers in the garden were also gone. It was said by Stacy in a later episode that something happened with the mod when she switched from 1.6.4 to 1.7.10 , that caused the bunnies to disappear.However ,Stacy has also said in a later Dogcraft Q&A that she might have a few tricks up her sleeve to get Nilla and Wafer back .


Nilla is a small white bunnie with a pink nose , and has grey whiskers just like Wafer

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