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November 18, 2014


December 16, 2014

Never Alone is a puzzle-platformer video game series where you swap between an Iñupiaq girl named Nuna, and her Arctic fox companion.

The objective here is to make the player complete puzzles in a story based on Alaskan Indigenous stories told in eight chapters.

Overview Edit

​The story of Never Alone is constructed around the tales found in folklore of the Indigenous Alaskan people.

The narrative follows a story of bringing balance to the “eternal blizzard” by going to its source. Mythical creatures include:

  • The Blizzard Man
  • The Little People
  • Manslayer
  • The Rolling Heads
  • Sky People

Throughout the game, Stacy had the option to watch informative videos of iñupiaq people giving an insight into their traditions and way of life.

Note Edit

After the game was completed, Stacy said:
This is by far my most favorite video game I've ever played I think. In terms of just the graphics, the story, the element of watching videos in between the gameplay that, you know made it real.
—Stacy, following the games completion.

Episode List Edit

# Thumbnail Title Airdate

Never Alone1


I'm A Fox!!!!! November 18, 2014

Never Alone2


The Owl Man November 22, 2014

Never Alone3


Adrift At Sea November 26, 2014

Never Alone4


Just Keep Swimming November 30, 2014

Never Alone5


Northern Lights December 4, 2014

Never Alone6


Suka! December 8, 2014

Never Alone7


Fiery Fight! December 12, 2014

Never Alone8


Ice Giant December 14, 2014

Never Alone9


The Journey Home December 16, 2014

Never Alone: Fox TalesEdit

Never Alone: Fox Tales is an expansion of the original game. Stacy has said that she will play the game, likely in February.

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