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November 7th, 1987


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Netty Plays, or just 'Netty' is a British female gamer who is known for her participation in the popular UHShe series, founded by Stacy.

Personal Life Edit

Netty irl

Netty's real name is Annette Garrett, and is an older sister to Stampylonghead. Her first time playing Minecraft was in a series titled 'Sister Challenge', where Stampy guided her in completing certain tasks e.g. sleeping in a house, baking a cake and mining a diamond.

Netty's Channel Edit

Netty's Skin

Netty's Minecraft Skin

Netty created her own channel in April 2014 when she was completely new to Minecraft and most games, but since then Netty has improved at Minecraft and has been associated in several series such as:

  • UHShe
  • World with No name
  • Marvellous Mountain
  • Various other UHC series
  • Salty Adventures

Netty's channel currently has over 200,000 subscribers.

UHShe Edit

Main Article: UHShe UHShe is an all female Ultra Hardcore series created by StacyPlays that premiered on June 28th, 2015. Netty has appeared in four of the five seasons, missing the fourth due to travelling.

UHShe Stats Edit

UHShe Elimination History Edit

Season Team Status Episode(s) Individual Kill(s) Team Kill(s) Individual Rank Team Rank
S.1 - Slain by Shubble 8 0 - 3rd -
S.2 Salnet Shot by HeyImBeeAussie 8 0 0 13th 7th
S.3 - Suffocated in a wall (Border) 4 0 - 9th -
S.5 Salty Fell from a high place - Indirectly caused by Seriiiously - Team Five 7 0 0 13th 7th
S.6 - Shot by Skeleton 2 0 - 15th -

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Season 1, Netty and Stacy played a Practice Speed UHC together.
  • Netty accidentally leaked the first episode of UHShe Season 2 on October 9th, 2015. A handful of viewers saw the episode before it became private. [1]

References Edit

  1. Netty Leaks

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