My Storymode House
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23 (More TBA)


July 25, 2017


October 26,2017(Possibly)

My Storymode House is a Minecraft X-Box series featuring Stampy. The series premiered on July 25th, 2017. 


Stacy and Stampy's goal in the series is to work together to build replicas of their Beacontown houses in Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2

  • A shot of Stacy and Stampy's House in Minecraft: Story Mode
  • Front-View of Stacy and Stampy's Houses
  • A shot of their houses in Minecraft: Story Mode
  • Stacy and Stampy's House in Minecraft: Story Mode
  • Side view of Stampy's Minecraft: Story Mode House
  • Stacy and Stampy's Houses in Minecraft: Story Mode

Since customizable skins is not an option in Minecraft: Console Edition, both Stampy and Stacy have skins from the Minecraft Story Mode skin pack, with Stampy being the male version of Jesse, and Stacy being the female version of Jesse. 


  • My Storymode House is Stacy's second series played on the console edition of Minecraft.
    • The first was Noob Quest, a currenly unfinished series.
    • Stacy often mistitles the series My Minecraft Storymode House.