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First Appearance

"My New Bedroom" (CH.15)

Ms. Reedsalaught is Stacy's librarian in her Minecraft series, Bookcraft. She is currently the only villager in Bookcraft to be working for Stacy. She has a grumpy personality, similar to Madeleine from Dogcraft.

Ms. Reedsalaught also took a part-time job working in Stacy's Pawblic Library in Dogcraft. 

She is also the current owner of Willow.

Bookcraft Edit

Throughout BookcraftEdit

Ms reedsalaught-0

Ms. Reedsalaught at her desk

Ms. Reedsalaught first appeared in Chapter 15 of Bookcraft, the episode where Stacy announced her new collaboration with the Walschaerts Build Team.

As soon as Stacy entered her newly built home, Ms. Reedsalaught could be seen at a reception desk (behind invisible glass), serving as Stacy's new Librarian.

Ever since her introduction, Stacy has frequently talked to Ms. Reedsalaught who traditionally seems grumpy and unenthusiastic towards her job and Stacy, being sarcastic often in her responses. She originally seemed to have a soft spot towards Nathan, though she now seems just as grumpy towards him as she is to Stacy. One of the most notable examples of Ms. Reedsalaught's hatred towards Stacy was when Stacy was in a plane which was crash-landing. Stacy called the station for help which was picked up by Ms. Reedsalaught, despite Stacy being in extreme danger, Ms. Reedsalaught ignored her and hung up, leaving Stacy on her own and eventually crashing into a wooded area. 

She has even shown her dislike to Stacy's dog Dogear, claiming he barks alot and dogears book pages. 

During the 101 Dalmatians book, it was said that Ms. Reedsalaught was college roommates with the infamous Cruella de Vil. She later learned that Cruella had died, and Ms. Reedsalaught attented her funeral. 

Backstory Revealed Edit

The christmas ghosts

The Christmas spirits who visited Ms. Reedsalaught (Top to bottom), Nathan_Pastday, PresentDawgWoolf and JasPossible

Ms. Reedsalaught's back story was revealed during Chapter 69 of Bookcraft. Stacy arrived at Ms. Reedsalaught's desk (expecting an apology), only to find a visibly upset Tibb Willow, who told Stacy that Ms. Reedsalaught had left her and went on a 'Stay-cation'. Stacy was happy with the idea of no Ms. Reedsalaught, so she continued with reading a chapter from the current book, A Christmas Carol.

The episode then travelled over to Ms. Reedsalaught (voiced by Stacy's mother), who was having her 'Stay-cation' at a hotel, built for the Christmas themed book. Ms. Reedsalaught woke up in the middle of the night, only to find a ghost called 'Nathan_Pastday'(voiced by Nathan), who mentioned her Anchor tattoo (which was noticed by viewers in the previous Chapter) and begins to tell the story of when Ms. Reedsalaught was in the Navy:
The year was 1961. You were a petty officer 3rd class aboard the USS Constellation. You were walking the deck early one morning with your nose in a book when a moving mast knocked you overboard and into the Pacific. Not only did the ship have to change course to rescue you, putting the entire crew's mission at risk, but the fact that you refused help until a special dive unit was sent to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve your book only made matters worse. You were thrown in the brig and discharged without honor at the next port. You bounced around biomes for a few years until you wound up at the library in the dessert where Stacy met you in the first episode of Bookcraft and hired you to be the station Librarian. You never got over your failed Navy service and your tattoo is a daily reminder of your failings in the Navy. You need to let your past go because it's affecting your future.

Ghost of Christmas Present and Future: Edit

Following Nathans visit, Ms. Reedsalaught also had a visit from 'PresentDawgWoolf' (PDawgWoolf), who mentions how mean she is to Stacy, and how rejoining the Navy could be "disastrous". The final ghost was 'JasPossible' (Jaspanda), who showed Ms. Reedsalaught the effect of rejoining the Navy:
Well, you weren't back in the Navy for very long. Tibb Willow stowed away on the ship with you. When he was discovered, he was left on an island and you never saw him again. You were so distraught you came home only to find Stacy had hired a new librarian at the station. So now you just wonder around the world and visit Tibb Willow's grave here.
Ms Reedsalaught with Stacy and gang

Ms. Reedsalaught finding Stacy and friends, following her visit from the three spirits.

Scared of this outcome, Ms. Reedsalaught changed her attitude to her job as librarian, though she still has a fairly negative opinion in regards to Stacy.

In DogcraftEdit

Ms. Reedsalaught entered the Dogcraft world in episode 248, where she took a part-time job as the librarian for Stacy's newly created Pawblic Libary. She took the job since Stacy was away from Bookcraft, and she had nothing to do at the station. Upon taking the job, Ms. Reedsalaught brought a bunch of books to fill up the library. 

Ms. Reedsalaught in the Pawblic Library.


Ms.Reedsalaught's tattoo

Ms. Reedsalaught's Anchor tattoo

  • Ms. Reedsalaught was guest voiced by Stacy's mother.
  • In Ch. 69, the word of the episode was 'Penitence', which matched the ongoing regret Ms. Reedsalaught has when thinking about her Navy years.
  • Ms. Reedsalaught is currently the only Villager in Bookcraft to be working for Stacy.
  • In Ch. 67 it is seen that Ms. Reedsalaught has an anchor tattoo on her right arm.