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First Appearance

"Molasses" (Ep.106)

Last Appearance

"Almost Home" (Ep.148)

Molasses was a mule in the Dogcraft series, who was born after Stacy bred her horse and donkey, Joey and Cinnamon Toast.

Dogcraft Edit

Molasses was born in episode 106 of Dogcraft after Stacy bred her Horse and Donkey called Joey and Cinnamon Toast. Molasses was Stacy's first Mule in Dogcraft and completed her collection of Minecraft animals (excluding Dogs) to look after.

Molasses served as Stacy's quicker way of travelling and was also useful storing items, with her own chests attached to the saddle. Molasses enjoyed jumping on top of trees, which worried Stacy on several occasions.

The Dog Rescuing Expedition Edit

Dog expedition

Molasses (along with Wink) accompanied Stacy during the Dog Rescuing Expedition, which had Stacy attempt to find the 18 newly spawned Dog breeds. Molasses helped out in travelling faster to different areas and lived in a village (with Stacy and Wink) for the time being.

Death Edit

Death of Molasses

Death of Molasses

After Stacy felt she had tamed enough dog breeds for the time being, Stacy, Molasses and the dogs headed home. Stacy built a small home in a Mesa Biome with the dogs and Molasses fenced in.

Molasses' Tree

Molasses' Tree

Molasses died after Stacy (intending on breaking a Dog bowl) hit Molasses with a Diamond Pickaxe, causing all of the dogs to attack Molasses, eventually mauling her to death. After Molasses died, Stacy remembered Molasses by creating a compilation of clips, showing Molasses' life and memorable moments.

In episode 157, Stacy planted a dark oak tree in Molasses' honor, as many times in the rescue expedition, she would jump on trees, mainly dark oak and spruce.


  • Molasses is the second animal who was accidentially mauled to death. The first was Maisy.
  • Sugar, a Poodle, was named as a tribute to Molasses. 
  • Molasses is featured in the Dogcraft Friends Poster.
    • She is the only character in the poster to not be alive at the time of the poster's release.
    • Stacy discovered many ways she could have prevented Mollasses's death:
    • She could had rode her away, tie her up, or ride Wink.