GraserChallenges Edit

# Thumbnail Challenge Airdate Goal of the Challenge / Items Needed Winner
Mineclash 1
The Stacy Challenge December 7th, 2014 Leather Boots, Bucket of Milk, Tamed Wolf Graser
Mineclash 2
Food Challenge December 14th, 2014 Person with the most types of food wins Graser
Mineclash 3
The 'I Died' Challenge December 18th, 2014 Person with the most various deaths Graser
Mineclash 4
Minecraft Christmas Challenge December 21st, 2014 One Chicken, Two Light Grey Dyes, Three Bread, Four Chickens, Five Gold Nuggets, Six Eggs, Seven Ink Sacks, Eight Milk Buckets, Pink stained leather armour, Ten Rabbits, Eleven Noteblocks and Twelve Fireworks. Graser
Mineclash 5
The Graser Challenge (With StrawberryJam) December 28th, 2014 Tamed Ocelot, Diamond Boots, Pumpkin Pie, Redstone Repeater Graser
Mineclash 6
Minecraft Disney Challenge January 4th, 2015 Puffer fish (renamed 'Flounder'), Bookcase, Savannah Tree, Snowman Stacy
Mineclash 7
Disney Challenge Part 2 January 11th, 2015 Apple, Diamond, Mushroom Stew, Clownfish (renamed Nemo), Iron Golem Graser
Mineclash 8
Graser's Birthday Challenge January 16th, 2015 Most cakes produced wins Graser/Stacy
Mineclash 9
Minecraft Youtuber Challenge February 1st, 2015 Diamond Pickaxe, Slime, Gold Ingot, Ink Sack, Diamond, Minecart, Cake, Iron Boots, Pink Dye, Rabbit Hyde Graser
Mineclash 10
Youtuber Challenge Part 2 February 8th, 2015 Iron Helmet, Cooked Pork, Purple Dye, Enchanting Table, Diamond Sword, Cooked Chicken, Lava Bucket, TNT in Minecart, Poppy and Pink Wool Graser
Mineclash 11
Valentine's Challenge (With HeyImBee) February 14th, 2015 Bouquet of flowers - flower pot, Bow and arrow, Diamond, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Potion of Strength (love potion), Book and Quill (with written poem) Stacy
Mineclash 12
Minecraft Disney Challenge Part 3 February 22nd, 2015 Giant Mushroom, Rabbit, Enchanted Iron Boots, Double chest of Gold Nuggets, Lead Graser
Mineclash 13
Minecraft ABC Challenge March 8th, 2015 Getting an Item representing every alphabetical letter Graser
Mineclash 14
Insurgent Challenge March 15th, 2015 Potion of Weakness, Red and yellow leather armour and Bread Graser
Mineclash 15
Dogcraft Challenge March 20th, 2015 Dog biscuits to tame a Dog, Collar, Leash and a Bowl, also food in the bowl. Stacy
Mineclash 16
The Wizard Of Oz Challenge March 29th, 2015 Emerald, Wheat, Iron Armour, Gold Ingot, red stained Slippers Graser
Mineclash 17
Easter Challenge April 5th, 2015 Collect as much Lapis, Redstone, Emerald, Diamond, Iron, Gold to win Graser
Mineclash 18
The Disney Challenge Part 4 April 19th, 2015 Leather Boots, Fishing Rod, Sugar, Jungle Saplings, Noteblock Stacy
Mineclash 19
Basic Tools Challenge April 26th, 2015 Bow, Shears, Fishing Rod, Flint and Steel, Wooden, Stone and Iron Sword, Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, Hoe. Gold Sword and Hoe, Diamond Shovel. Graser
Mineclash 20
I Died Challenge Part 2 May 3rd, 2015 Person with the most various deaths Graser
Mineclash 21
Minecraft With Our Moms (Moms doing the challenge) May 10th, 2015 Build a house, Crafting Table, Furnace and Bed Stacy
Mineclash 22
Minecraft Tower Challenge May 17th, 2015 Build the tallest tower from one of every block until time runs out. Stacy
Mineclash 23
The Wither Challenge May 24th, 2015 Gather as many resources in 30 minutes, Stacy and Graser then fight a Wither and the winner is whoever obtains the Nether Star. Graser
Mineclash 24
Lucky Block Fight May 31st, 2015 Find resources in lucky blocks until the time runs out, followed by fight to the death, winner is whoever kills the other. Graser
Mineclash 25
Inside Out In Minecraft! June 7th, 2015 Snowball, Slimeball, Magma Cream, Chicken Egg and Ender Pearl Graser
Mineclash 26
Social Media Challenge June 14th, 2015 Book and Quill, Chicken in Cage, Painting, Ghast Tear, Arrow and Vine Stacy
Mineclash 27
Father's Day Challenge (Dads doing the challenge) June 21st, 2015 Dads asked questions about Minecraft, if they get one wrong they move down steps, first person to go down all the steps. Stacy
Mineclash 28
Summer Vacation Challenge June 28th, 2015 Diamond shovel, Water bucket, Book and a Bottle of water. Graser
Mineclash 29
Minecon Challenge July 5th, 2015 Gold Nugget, Diamond Sword, Union Jack flag and paper. Stacy
Mineclash 30
Minecraft Ore Block Challnge July 12th, 2015 Block of Coal, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Lapis and Redstone. Stacy
Mineclash 31
Gravity Falls Minecraft Challenge July 19th, 2015 Diamond, Pig, red stained Leather hat, Oak Sapling and a completed Nether portal. Graser
Mineclash 32-0
Minecraft Disneyland Challenge July 26th, 2015 Boat, Firework (falling effect), Gold Helmet, Minecart and Yellow Dye. Stacy
Mineclash 33-0
Minecraft Spongebob Challenge August 2nd, 2015 Sponge block, puffer fish, pink dye, tree sapling, Ink sack and gold ingot. Graser
Mineclash 34-0
Stacked Challenge August 9th, 2015 Person with the most stacks of various items wins. Graser
Mineclash 35-0
Double Chest Challenge With Aphmau August 16th, 2015 First team to fill two double chests with different items wins. StrauberryJam
Mineclash 36-0
Minecraft Birthday Challenge August 23rd, 2015 Cake, Bucket of Milk, Book, a Bunny and a Pony (originally a Peony) Graser
Mineclash 37-0
Back-To-School Minecraft Challenge August 30th, 2015 Apple, Book & Quill, Stick (Pencil), Shears (Scissors), Gold Ingot (Eraser), Blue stained leggings (Jeans) Stacy
Mineclash 38-0
Creative Wars September 6th, 2015 One Day and night cycle in Creative mode to create whatever they want, eventually using their builds/items in a PVP match (to the death) in Survival mode. Graser
Mineclash 39-0
Pumpkin Spice Challenge September 13th, 2015 First participant to make a pumpkin spice latte using a mod on a single player world. Stacy
Mineclash 40
1.9 End City Challenge September 20th, 2015 First participant to make it to the top of the End City Tower and place their banner. Begins in the End. Stacy
Mineclash 41
Pocket Edition Challenge September 27th, 2015 First person to build a 4x4 stone house in Pocket Edition wins. Graser
Mineclash 42
I Got It First Challenge October 3rd, 2015 First participant to get 7 out of the 13 rare items. However, each item can only be gotten once. Graser
Mineclash 43
Steven Universe Challenge October 11th, 2015 An Emerald, a piece of Redstone, Quartz, Lapis and a Rose Bush. Graser
Mineclash 44
Halloween Challenge Part 1 October 18th, 2015 A Dandelion (lollipop), Pumpkin, Cobweb, a tamed Black Cat and a Witch. Stacy
Mineclash 45
Halloween Challenge Part 2 October 25th, 2015 Batty Bar (dropped by Bats), Bubblegum Witch, Chocolate Spider Eye, Enderpop, Gummy Skull and a Candy Corn (Dropped by Villagers). Graser
Mineclash 46
Elytra Flying Challenge November 1st, 2015 First person to complete the flying circuits, best of three. Graser
Mineclash 47
1.9 Boat Race Challenge November 8th, 2015 First person to take their animal (by boat) through the obstacle course, and place it in it's pen. Graser
Mineclash 48
Mockingjay Minecraft Challenge November 15th, 2015 The winner is whoever doesn't die first between the two, this would then lead to a tally based on how many times each of them beat the other. Stacy
Mineclash 49
Thanksgiving Challenge November 22nd, 2015 Cooked Chicken, Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Red Leaves, Football (Pork chop). Stacy
Mineclash 50
Milquetoast Challenge November 29th, 2015 Litter Box (Purple Boat), Litter (Flint), Toy Mouse on String (Carrot on Stick), Ball of String, a Scratching Post (Birch Wood Plank) and a tamed White Cat. Graser
Mineclash 51
BB-8 Minecraft Challenge: Star Wars The Force Awakens December 6th, 2015 Locate BB8's spare parts: Cyclic Computer, Internal Pastry Oven, Gyroscopic Module and the Stamina Reconfabulator. Graser
Mineclash 52
Minecraft Star Wars: The Force Awakens Space Race December 13th, 2015 First player to complete the challenges and finish the race wins. Stacy
Mineclash 53
Christmas Chores Challenge December 20th, 2015 Whoever completes the chores first wins Graser
Mineclash 54
Unwanted Presents Challenge December 27th, 2015 Return Horse and spawn it near its buddies, also return Glowstone, Pumpkin, Lilac and Diamond Ore. Stacy
Mineclash 55
New Years Resolution January 3rd, 2016 First person to make an 'Eggnog' Cake while being unable to jump or sprint. Stacy
Mineclash 56
The Ultimate Mob Drop Challenge January 10th, 2016 First person to collect the most mob drops, from both friendly and hostile mobs. Graser
Mineclash 57
The Mineclash Challenge January 17th, 2016 First Person to craft an Iron Sword, Iron Shovel, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Axe, stack of Torches and a Golden Carrot. Stacy
Mineclash 58
PAX South Hide 'N' Seek January 24th, 2016 First person to win three of the Hide 'N' Seek rounds (either finding the other player, or hiding from the other player). Graser
Mineclash 59
Groundhog's Day Parkour Challenge January 31st, 2016 First person to complete the Parkour course, and press the finish button. Graser
Mineclash 60
Super Bowl 2016 February 7th, 2016 First person to obtain the required materials (Leather tunic, Glowstone, Bow, glowstone arrows) and kill the field zombie (eventually Will) wins. Graser
Maxresdefault (1)-0
Love Hearts Challenge (With HeyImBee) February 14th, 2016 First person to breed animals (Wolf, Bunny, Mooshroom, Mule, Horse, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken, Cat) and get their offspring inside their respective pens wins. Graser
Mineclash 62
Sick Day Challenge February 21st, 2016 First person to obtain an Apple, a Bed, Paper, Potion of Healing and Rabbit Stew wins. Stacy
Mineclash 63
Leap Year Challenge February 28th, 2016 First person to obtain a Lily Pad, piece of Slime, Slime Block and a Potion of Leaping. While jumping throughout the challenge. Stacy
Mineclash 64
One Million Subscribers Challenge March 6th, 2016 First person to obtain the ingredients (Block of light grey wool, Block of Polished Andesite, Block of Gold) to complete the Youtube logo wins. Stacy
Mineclash 65
St. Patrick's Day Challenge March 13th, 2016 First person to obtain a Poppy, a Bucket of Milk and seventeen Gold Nuggets wins. Graser
You Make Me Sick Challenge March 20th, 2016 First person to obtain a Puffer Fish, a Potion of Poison, a piece of Rotten Flesh, a Poisonous Potato and Raw Chicken wins. Stacy
Mineclash 67
Killer Easter Bunny Challenge March 27th, 2016 First person to kill the Killer Bunny wins. Stacy
Mineclash 68
The 1.9 Items Challenge April 3rd, 2016 First person to obtain Beetroot Soup, a Shield, a Spectral Arrow and a Boat wins. Graser
Mineclash 69
The Jungle Book Minecraft Challenge April 10th, 2016 First person to complete the four set challenges wins. Stacy
Mineclash 70
Birch Hills M Challenge April 17th, 2016 First person to obtain a Birch wood Door, a Birch wood Boat, a Birch wood Sapling, a Map showing the Birch wood M forest, and a rabbit called 'Toast' wins. Stacy
Mineclash 71
April Showers Challenge April 24th, 2016 First person to collect every Flower in Minecraft, along with ten flower pots to pot the potable flowers. Stacy
Tower Challenge: Cave Edition May 1st, 2016 Build the tallest tower with one of each block found in a cave until time runs out.  Stacy
Mineclash 73
Minecraft With Our Moms May 8th, 2016 First Mother to mine a Diamond wins. Graser
Mineclash 74
Tower Challenge: Nether & End May 15th, 2016 Peson to have obtained the largest variety of Nether/End blocks, while stacking higher than the other. Graser
Mineclash 75
Polar Bear Murder Challenge May 22nd, 2016 Person to have obtained a regular Fish or a Salmon by killing a Polar Bear, one Magma Block, one Nether wart Block, one Red Nether Block and one Bone Block. Graser
Mineclash 76
Desert Temple Challenge May 29th, 2016 Person to have obtained TNT, Rotten Flesh, Bones, a Gold Bar and an Iron Bar. Stacy
Mineclash 77
The Book Challenge June 5th, 2016 Person to have obtained a Book, Bookshelf, Book and Quill and an Enchanted Book. Graser
Mineclash 78
White Pumpkin Challenge June 12th, 2016 Person to have obtained a Poison tipped Arrow, a Diamond, a Minecart, a Bucket of Milk, a Piston and a Cake. Graser
Mineclash 79
Minecraft With My Dad June 19th, 2016 First Dad to have built a basic Minecraft House with a Door and Bed, along with the crafting of an Iron Sword. Graser
Mineclash 80
Disneyland Tiki Room Challenge June 26th, 2016 Person to have obtained Yellow stained Glass, a Watermelon, a Jungle Log, Gold Ore and a Prismarine Block. Stacy
Mineclash 81
Canada VS USA July 3rd, 2016 Person to have crafted both a Canadian and American Banner, and to have obtained Maple Syrup (Spruce Sapling) and an Apple Pie a la mode (Golden Apple). Stacy
Mineclash 82
Cow Challenge July 10th, 2016 Person to have crafted all four pieces of Leather Armour (cows cannot be killed for Leather), along with the crafting of a Golden Apple and a Milk Bucket. Stacy
Mineclash 83
Pokemon Go In Minecraft July 17th, 2016 Person to have captured the most mobs using Pokeballs Graser
Mineclash 84
The Acrostic Challenge July 24th, 2016 First person to obtain the items listed in the "MINECLASH" acrostic: a Magenta Wool, an Iron Ore, a Nether Brick, an Emerald Ore, Hardened Clay, Spruce Leaves, Andesite, a Slime Block and Hay Bale. Graser
Mineclash 85
The Candy Isle Challenge July 31st, 2016 Cotton Candy Bed, PEZ Boots, Candy Cane, Acid Mint Flower (later changed to a Chocolate Dog), and a Gummy Bunny Stacy
Mineclash 86
The Order Challenge August 7th, 2016 To get a pumpkin pie, a bed, an enchanting table, and a snow block in a specific order Graser
The Mineclash Olympics August 14th, 2016 Compete in a series of events from the SMP "The Cube". Graser
Maxresdefault (15)
Mesa Bryce Challenge August 21st, 2016 Obtain Full Gold Armor and a full set of Gold Tools. Stacy
Maxresdefault (14)
No Texture Challenge August 28th, 2016 Obtain an ink sac, gold ingot, lava bucket, clay bricks, wool, and redstone block. Stacy
Maxresdefault (13)
The Mystery Challenge September 4th, 2016 Obtain a series of items unknown to the players until they enter a room. Graser
Maxresdefault (12)
Stacy's Wolves Mod Challenge September 11th, 2016 Tame as many of wolves from the Stacy Wolves Mod. Stacy
Maxresdefault (11)
Best Challenge Ever September 18th, 2016 Plant a tree, have 3 hay bails on top of a pumpkin, a fence post, 4 sheep (orange, yellow, red, and brown), a yellow golden apple (a golden apple) and a red golden apple (a regular apple) Graser
Maxresdefault (10)
Ultimate Hide and Seek Challenge September 25th, 2016 Win a Hide and Seek competition. Stacy
Maxresdefault (9)
I ❤  Bats October 2nd, 2016 Craft a golden lasso, and bring a bat back to spawn. Stacy
Maxresdefault (8)
All The Llamas Challenge October 9th, 2016 Tame Llamas and place every color of carpet on a llama. Stacy
Maxresdefault (7)
Shulker Box Challenge October 16th, 2016 Craft a Shulker Box, Jukebox, Trapped Chest, Lead, and a Popped Corus Fruit Stacy
Maxresdefault (6)
1.11 Woodland Mansion Challenge October 23rd, 2016 Obtain the Totem of Undying from a Woodland Mansion Stacy
Maxresdefault (5)
Trick or Treat Challenge October 30th, 2016 Collect to most candy based a point system. Stacy
Maxresdefault (4)-0
The Giraffe Challenge November 6th, 2016 Complete a giraffe by collecting yellow stained clay, end stone, a coal block, a piece of soul sand, and a hay bale. Stacy
1 - 50
Maxresdefault (3)-0
The Funniest Mineclash Moment November 13th, 2016 Highlight Reel from Episodes 1-50 (Different Videos were uploaded to their respected channels) N/A
Maxresdefault (2)-0
The Craziest Challenge Yet November 20th, 2016 Highlight Reel from Episodes 51-99 (Different Videos were uploaded to their channels) N/A
The End? November 27th, 2016 Collect one item relating to each episode of Mineclash Stacy
101 The Zombie Stacyplays Challenge December 4th, 2016 Capture the Most Zombie Stacys Graser
102 The Ultimate Graser Challenge December 11th, 2016 Redstone Block, Day Light Sensor, a Diamond, Pumpkin Pie, and 4 harden clay, and 5 pieces of stained glass panes (light blue, yellow, lime, pink, and purple) Graser
103 The 5-Hour Mineclash December 18th, 2015 Full Diamond Armor, Sponge, a Nether Star, Elytra. and a Dragon Egg Graser

Number of VictoriesEdit

Player Total Victories
Graser 55
Stacy 46

Mineclash SpecialsEdit

Release Date Title Description Winner
December 25th, 2016 Don't Kiss Me Graser Collect Mistletoe (obtained from Spruce Trees), a Candy Cane (used as sugar cane), an Emerald, A Gift (obtained from a Lost Villager, and a Cake Graser
February 12th, 2017 The Think Pink Challenge Collect all pink items and blocks Stacy
March 5th, 2017 Epic Elytra PvP Battle Fight each other in the air (using elytras) until someone dies or lands on ground Stacy

26th, 2017

Freezing to Death Like the Long Dark, try to survive the longest amount of time Stacy

9th, 2017

Dancing Parrot Easter Egg Tame a parrot, collect a jukebox and a music disc Graser

16th, 2017

Pink Parrot Easter Egg Hunt Tame a parrot, collect a baby chicken, red+blue egg, and the big egg based on your team color Stacy
December 20th, 2017 YouTuber Holiday Party Collect the individual items wanted by the guests at the YouTube party Stacy
February 14, 2018 The Phantom Turtle Challenge - Valentine's Special Stacy
April 29, 2018 Minecraft's New Ocean Challenge Stacy
May 13, 2018 Mom's First Time In The Nether - Momclash Stacy
June 10, 2018 Stacy's Book vs Graser's Book Challenge Graser
June 17, 2018 DadClash 2018 Stacy
October 30, 2018 Beware the Illager Beast! - Mineclash Halloween Special Graser


Trivia Edit

  • The Graser Challenge was the first episode to feature other players.
  • Graser's Birthday Challenge was the first and only episode in which they tied.
  • The Valentine's Challenge was the first of two challenges to feature HeyImBee.
  • The Dogcraft was the first episode that mods were used in (CopiousDogs).
  • The Minecraft with our Moms Challenge was the first episode where Stacy and Graser weren't physically playing.
  • The Double Chest Challenge was the first and only challenge where niether Graser nor Stacy won the challenge, this was also the only challenge that was played in teams (Stacy and Aphmau, and Graser and Will), StrauberryJam and Grapeapplesauce won the challenge, this was not intented to serve as the weeks Mineclash, however Stacy decided to upload it as Mineclash, since Graser was using it as that weeks Survival Challenge.
  • Creative Wars was the only challenge played primarily in creative.
  • The Inside Out challenge was the first challenge in which they had to go to the End.
  • The 1.9 End City Challenge was the first to introduce 1.9 features.
  • The Pocket Edition Challenge was the only challenge played on Pocket Edition.
  • The I Got it First Challenge was the first challenge that once an item was obtained it became unobtainable to the other player.
  • The BB-8 Challenge was the first challenge a texture pack other than CuteCraft was used.
  • The Ultimate Mob Drop Challenge was the first challenge with was referred to as Mineclash on Graser's challenge.
  • The Birch Hills M challenge was created due to a comment made during a previous episode that became a running gag among fans of the series
  • The Polar Bear Murder Challenge was the first to introduce 1.10 features.
  • The Desert Temple Challenge spawned the idea of a 5 hour Mineclash.
  • The Candy Isle Challenge was the second challenge based off an existing StacyPlays series.
  • The Mineclash Olympics were played on the Cube SMP Season 1 Server, the season that Stacy participated in.
  • The All the Llamas Challenge was the first to introduce 1.11 features.
  • The Funniest Mineclash Moments was the first episode that wasn't a challenge.
  • Mineclash 100 had the longest run time among pre-recorded episode, being a little over 2 hours, and was suspected to be the last episode of the series.
  • In the Zombie StacyPlays Challenge, it was explained that Mineclash would have 103 episodes and then come to an end.
  • The 5 Hour Mineclash was the first and only episode that was live streamed, this also marked the last official episode of Mineclash. The stream began at 4PM PST. Gameplay was paused during the stream due to Stacy's internet issues. Stacy and Graser held a Q&A during the stream, and explained that Mineclash wasn't over they were just taking a break, they planned to release Mineclash specials when events or updates occured.
  • The First Mineclash Special was released on December 25th, 2016, and was the 4th Christmas related Mineclash.