I'd have to go with the giant chickens.
—Jesse, answering Olivia's question

SM Jesse

SM Jesse Endersuit

SM Jesse Magnus Suit


Non-Goggle Guy (by Ellegaard)



  • Female (Stacy's series)
  • Male
Professional Status

Order of the Pig

  • Builder
  • Leader (Order of the Pig)
Personal Status


First Appearance

My Pet Pig! (EP.1)

Voice Actor
  • Catherine Taber (Female)
  • Patton Oswalt (Male)

Jesse is the main protagonist and the only playable character in Minecraft: Story Mode. She first appeared in "My Pet Pig!", where she was practicing her sword skills against an armor stand whilst talking to Olivia.

In the game, Jesse can be male or female with the variety of six choices of appearance the player can take. In StacyPlays' series, she chose to be the caucasian female version.

Appearance Edit

In this playthrough, Stacy chose to use Jesse with the pale skin, green eyes, and long black hair. Under her blue overalls, she wears a white shirt with red sleeves. On her overalls, she has golden buttons. She accessorizes with an orange-colored barrette.


Jesse has a optimistic demeanor to the world around her. She keeps a positive view on her life as well as the disastrous events through her journey.

She is protective of her friends, willing to risk her life in order to save the ones she loves. At the point of sacrificing her life to destroy the Wither Storm

Courageous to face danger, she also holds a passion for adventure and building. No matter the danger or foe, she continues to enter the unknown. This has lead her to act as a leader and a mother-like figure as she is able to gives directions to her friends with seconds they'd follow. Being the leader has not been an easy job as Jesse faces stressful situations to the point of making difficult, important decisions. She's a quick thinker, capable of making plans up in the air or possible danger. After the Wither Storm was "destroyed", she assisted the injured citizens, ensuring that a safety and assistance would be provided. 

Although she's major rivals with the Ocelots, she does treat all of them with the same respect as anyone else. Losing from previous years, she holds no bad blood against them, despite being arrogant, rude, and mean. Jesses does have a thicker skin to her as she shows confident and demanding attitude to Ivor after Petra returns, however this could have been just a facade. She showed this again when she got irritated by Aiden and pushes him aside because he was mocking her friends.  Minecraft has influenced her as she has been interested in anything Minecraft. 


  • In episode eleven, it is unknown if Jesse gained the Wither Sickness due to the fact that she was beamed by the Wither Storm. However, she might have been protected as she was wearing Magnus' armor.