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Personal Status


First Appearance

Runaway Train! (Mesa Valley 1 EP.2)

Last Appearance

1.9 Boat Race Challenge (Mineclash EP.47)

Izzydog55, or Izzy for short, is a dog first introduced in Mesa Valley.

Mesa ValleyEdit

Main Article: Mesa Valley

Izzy's first appearance was during episode two of Mesa Valley, she was discovered by Stacy and Parker in a Tipi tent, completing the "Livin' Like Dogs" Hijink, a task in which they had to locate the chieftains dog.

The original name of Izzy was 'I iz dog,', Parker then gave her the nickname of Izzy. Stacy was reluctant to have Izzy accompany them, due to Izzy being sat down, therefore time consuming to move. Parker and Stacy eventually agreed to leave Izzy where she was.

Mesa Valley 2 Edit

During Episode 3 of Mesa Valley 2, Stacy and Parker found Izzy in a large Tipi tent. Izzy mentioned her great new lifestyle, and how she now takes care of the Tribe farmlands, Izzy then asks for their help in harvesting some of the crops (to make stew).


Main Article: Mineclash

 Izzy appeared in episode 47 of Mineclash, the 1.9 Boat Race Challenge. In the episode, Izzy demonstrated a new Minecraft feature and sat in a boat alongside Stacy. Stacy had to race against Graser, who also had an animal in a boat. While Stacy did technically get to the finish point before Graser, she failed to actually put Izzy into her pen, and thus Graser was the winner of the challenge. 



Izzy in Mineclash

  • Izzy has her own Youtube channel.
  • Izzy is one of the only characters on Stacy's channel to have appeared in more than 2 series. (The Other is Wink). 

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