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Poodle Beach (Ep.132)

Georgette is a Poodle owned by Stacy in Dogcraft. She was rescued during the Dog Rescue Expedition



While riding Molasses, Stacy came across a beautiful beach with Poodles all around. Stacy explored around more, in case there were any Poodles in dangerous situtuations. Since she couldn't find any, she returned to the beach and adopted the one that looked cute and smart. 

Georgette and Wink Edit


Georgette's original white appearance

It has been hinted that Georgette wants to be in a dating relationship with Wink, most prominently during the Dogcraft mini. The episode shows the pawspective of Wink and Georgette heading over to Madeleine's Pawsteria. The two share a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, with the episode concluding with the Georgette kissing Wink under the table. 


  • The shipping of Wink and Georgette, most commonly refered to as "Winkette", is a popular ship in Dogcraft. In a Dogcraft Mini released on Valentine's Day, Georgette and Wink went on a date after Stacy went to bed. At Madeleine's Pastaria, which had been completed the previous episode, which was released a day before the date. The episode ended with the dog's heads under their table on opposite sides, presuming that they were kissing. 
  • Another pet in a different series (The Cube) was named Georgette. However, this animal was a cat, and it was spelled "Gorgette". 
  • Georgette is featured in the Dogcraft Friends Poster.
  • Her name could possibly be a reference to a poodle, also named 'Georgette', from the Disney movie 'Oliver and Company
  • Molly and Addison are mad at Georgette.

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