Finicky Flock
Episode 186
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January 9, 2016



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Polly's Pet Food

Pig Pastures

"Finicky Flock" is the hundred and eighty-sixth episode of Dogcraft, and it was uploaded on January 9th, 2016.

 Overview Edit

Stacy starts the episode by hilariously struggling to make her real life pet, Milquetoast, stop climbing her furniture. She goes downstairs to check on the Art Gallery as per usual, then takes Everest with her as the wolf for the day. When she visits the dogs at The Bark, she realizes Violet is sad because of Sooezy's death in The Dog Show episode.

Stacy then begins relocating the sheeps to the new farm area, right next to the Extreme Agility Course. Splat helps with the sheep, guiding them and proving to be a good shepherd dog. She builds, off camera, the pig enclosure right next to the sheep. 

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