Far Lands
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49 episodes and 3 streams so far


July 14th, 2017



Far Lands is a weekly multiplayer series featuring Graser10. It acts as a continuation of Mineclash. The first episode premiered on July 14th, 2017.


Stacy and Graser return in this Mineclash follow-up. Unlike it's predecessor, however, Far Lands has Stacy and Graser work together to accomplish the eventual goal. The goal of the series is for Stacy and Graser to succesfully make it to the Far Lands with 12 of the rarest items in Minecraft in their inventory. Addtionally, Stacy and Graser have each been given 5 Command Blocks that they may use if a situation calls for it. However, it wouldn't be a Graser and Stacy series without some competition involved. The first player to get all the Advancements or the majority of them will win the series! 

Episodes Edit

41 episodes and 2 streams have been posted as of May 11, 2018.

Episodes are posted usually every Friday night, though three were posted on Saturday. One didn't air on week 33.


  • Parts of the intro show what Graser and Stacy plan to do in the series.
  • Episodes have a tendency to leave off on cliffhangers.
  • Far Lands also usually shares a timespot with another video (Stacy's perspective only). For example, Story Mode House aired on Friday. Now it is the QnA.
  • Finding and exploring the Woodland Mansion was one of the quickest parts of the series, which was thought to take more time.
  • Graser frequently publishes funny moments of Far Lands.
  • There are a couple Mineclash gags in this series.

Stacy's mistake.

  • Stacy originally called Episode 32 of this series part of "Mineclash". This was quickly fixed.
    • Also, in this episode, Stacy and Graser decided to split up for a few episodes to complete some advancements separately. This led to two streams in between episodes 32 and 33.
    • In episode 42, Stacy and Graser teleported close to the far lands, in hopes of finding a jungle along the way