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Professional Status

Wolf Pack

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No known relatives

First Appearance

"Double The Dogs" (EP. 8)

Everest is one of Stacy's dogs in Dogcraft, and is a member of the wolf pack. 

In DogcraftEdit

Everest is one of the original members of the wolf pack, and he is known to be one of the bravest, strongest, and one of the most serious wolves.


Everest made his first appearance in Double The Dogs, when Stacy came across a pack of wild wolves. Everest was one the four wolves originally tamed. 

Everest Burned

Everest after being attacked by a Bear

The Creeper WarEdit

The Creeper War was an event which saw Stacy face an army of Creepers created by Dog the Cat. Everest, along with Basil and Wink, traveled with Stacy to the Creeper Quarters to discover Dog the Cat with the Creepers.

When the Creeper army was unleashed, Stacy went into battle on Wink with the other wolves behind them.

The Parade

In the beginning of this episode of Dogcraft, Everest put on a mini Thanksgiving Day parade. He got a balloon shaped like the Ender Dragon, a ghast and a whale. The whale balloon eventually popped, and the Ender dragon balloon flew away. The ghast balloon almost carried Everest away, but he let go of it and safely landed in the Puppy Pawnd. The ghast balloon turned out to be a real ghast and it attacked Stacy, setting her house on and Page on fire. Luckly, Stacy was able to put it out, and every one was alright.  

Captured by Ninja Edit

After Basil and Noah disappeared, Stacy and Everest went to map out locations to search. When Stacy had her back turned, Ninja and the Creepers snatched Everest. Ninja also revealed his true intentions. Everest was later rescued by Stacy.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Stacy in episode 255 of Dogcraft, Everest's favorite hobby is mountaineering.  
  • Stacy has accidentaly Called Everest Averest and Overest.  
  •  Everest is known to be one of the most kind and brave wolves of the pack.