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Personal Status


First Appearance

Splash Pad (EP.37)

Droplet is one of Stacy's dogs in Dogcraft, and one of only two wolves who is not an official member of the Wolf Pack. She is the sister of Splat and Wink, and the daughter of Tucker and Basil. 

She currently resides in The Dog Guard's Cottage alongside Splat. 

Personality Edit

She seems to be pretty aggressive, but she is very loyal, and cute.

In DogcraftEdit

Droplet, like her name suggests, is very fond of water. Possibly to due her being born at the Splash Pad, she always hangs out near water. During the Thanksgiving episode, Stacy changed Droplet's collar from red to light blue. 


Droplet was born after Stacy bred Tucker and Basil together. 

2014 Dog ShowEdit

Droplet, along with every other dog, took part in the first Dogcraft Dog Show. Droplet was part of the Working group along with Splat, Alpine, Sirius, Luna, and Luca. 


Droplet on the Third Place Podium

From the Working group, Droplet was the one chosen by the judge to move on to the second round, in which each dog had to compete in the Agility Course. Droplet's performance was easily the best, and her overall score was a 9.75. However, during the final round as the judge was choosing a winner, Droplet spoiled her chances of winning as her and Sophie started attacking the judge, and killed it. Despite this however, Droplet's scores were still high enough to grant her 3rd place.


  • Droplet's gender had been debated. Originally, Stacy kept Droplet and Splat as regular wolves in case she needed to breed them, though more recently she called both of them females. It is currently unknown what their official gender is. 
  • According to episode 255 of Dogcraft, Droplet's favorite hobby is swimming. 
  • Droplet is Dog Guard's favorite. 
  • Droplet is responsible for the murder of Maisy.