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January 3, 2015



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"Dog The Cat" is the seventy-ninth episode of Dogcraft, and it was uploaded on January 3rd, 2015. 

Overview Edit

The episode starts off with Stacy back at her regular house, finally back from the Christmas Cabin. Excited to finally get to breed another dalmatian, Stacy hurries upstairs only to notice dog poop all over the place, which annoyed Stacy. Stacy then breeds the newest dalmatian, Victoria.

After showcasing the latest Fan Art, she then proceeds to visit the bark to see her dogs again, and on the way stops by Madeleine, Doug's Family, Damien, Dr. Nineheeler, and the Quonset. Stacy finally reaches the bark, exclaiming that she'd been neglecting many of the Bark dogs, especially Dog The Cat. Stacy runs past each pen before making it to Dog's pen, and notices a terrible smell coming from the cat. Stacy immediately takes the Cat over to the Canine Cleaner, but as soon as the cat is put into the water, the cat's fur abruptly turns black. While showing her confusion of the situation, Dog vanishes out of thin air, causing Stacy even more confusion. 

Stacy runs back to Dog's cage, trying to figure out what happened. Suddenly, Stacy notices a series of ladders underneath Dog's pen, and proceeds to go down, taking her to a secret underground lair. In the lair, labeled "Dog The Cat's Evil Lair", were maps of the world, and a note to Stacy, which told her to prepare for war. Also in the lair, Stacy found a diary written by Dog The Cat, starting from when he was first adopted. Stacy began reading Dog's diaries, realizing that due to her neglecting him, overtime Dog The Cat was brainwashed by Creepers using "Creeper Milk", and Dog was turned against Stacy.

The episode ends with Stacy, still in the lair, grabbing three splash potions which Dog intended to use against the dogs, and explaining that they had a big problem. 

Fan ArtEdit

Coming Soon


  • This episode marks the first major story arc of Dogcraft. 

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