Disastrous Dock
Dogcraft ep14
Episode 14
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May 24, 2014



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"Disastrous Dock" is the fourteenth episode of Dogcraft, and it was uploaded on May 24th, 2014. 


The episode begins with Stacy on her balcony, looking at a nearby beach by her cemetary, where she announces she's going to build a dock. She then heads up to the Dalmatian Plantatian and breeds the newest dalmatian called 'Toast'. After placing bookshelves in the corner of her house for he enchanting table, she begins work on the dock. 

After starting the build, Stacy soon realized the dock would be more complicated than she had thought, and she soon notices many flaws with the dock that she had built. She then quickly goes home to sleep, and realizes that another project she had planned would have to be done in the next episode.

The next morning, Stacy completely tears down the dock, as a creeper blows up by the cemetary. Once she finally builds the dock, Stacy ends the episode by placing torches all around the newly created dock, and teases the next build by saying: "There will be some kind of design in the mountain". 

Art WallEdit

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